Woontrends: Fresh Start!

Living Trends: Fresh Start!

t's May and we can't get away from it: summer is just around the corner. But what's going on in terms of interior trends? After two years of COVID-19, trends like Fresh Start show that we're ready for simplicity and functionality.

One of the biggest current trends is an eye for sustainability and natural elements. We want it warm and cozy, but with a touch of modernity. These natural elements include lots of plants. Natural materials like rattan will also stay with us for a while. Of course, we also see this with bamboo indoors. Something that used to be used mainly outdoors is now allowed indoors. So we see that bamboo room dividend, but also wall cladding are becoming more and more popular. Also, you can create your own Urban Jungle by using bamboo as a planter.

Lovers of the Scandinavian style of living can indulge in the new hybrid living trend "Japandi". Here, the modern flair of Scandinavian design combines with the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics to create a style that brings together the best of both worlds. In this style of living, you'll find fewer raw materials, but everything is cleanly crafted. The eye for sustainability is maintained, and the bamboo panel material therefore fits in perfectly. For the creative among us, we offer a sawing service where the panels are cut to size. This makes it especially easy to assemble your dream furniture yourself.

The simplicity and soothing color theme beautifully accentuate the elegant Japandi style. Here, the staircase is clad in bamboo panel material, again emphasizing an eye for sustainability.

One home trend that is emerging from the pandemic is "Fresh Start." With Fresh Start, there is a lot of attention to detail and functionality. The colors are bright and natural, giving everything a fresh look. Since we mostly work from home, we emphasize the multifunctionality of the spaces. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to the room dividers. Another focus is the environment. This means that products that are part of a circular economy get more attention. Recycling has never been as important as it is today. That's why natural materials and abundance of resources are moving strongly to the forefront. Of course, our bamboo products fit in all too well.

The home office is often part of a larger space. That Fresh Start is the new style of living is evident in many elements. White walls, room dividers, cork board and bamboo desk made of board material. Functionality and sustainability are clearly in the foreground here.