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In the below, you'll find the best examples of bamboo applied in beautiful gardens, constructions, interiors, DIY projects and much more.
Bamboe als constructief bouwmateriaal | aluminium versus betonverbindingen

Bamboo as a structural building material | aluminum versus concrete joints

Met bamboe schepen naar Amerika

With bamboo ships to America: Admiral Zheng He's discoveries

In the early 15th century, Admiral Zheng He, as advisor to the Chinese emperor, was given the special assignment of spreading the fame of the Ming dynasty throughout the rest of the world. Between...
Bamboe Duurzaamheid
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Bamboo Durability

Protect the forest, build with bamboo Bamboo is known as an incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly product. But why is bamboo environmentally friendly? Bamboo grows incredibly fast. ...
Bamboe Knopen en Verbindingen
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Bamboo knots and joints

Bamboo sticks can be used to build houses, furniture, bridges, rafts, towers, fences and thousands of other things. The challenge, however, is how best to knot and join bamboo. In this blog, we'll...
Groei en vorming van bamboepalen
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Growth and shaping of bamboo sticks

A previous blog explained the difference between the colors and hardness of the different species of bamboo, but what determines the thickness within a species? There is a guadua pole wi...
Bamboe Plaatmateriaal Onderhouden en Beschermen
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Care and protection of Bamboo Panels

Bamboe plaatmateriaal are excellent for making e.g. desks, tables or cabinets. However, untreated panels are very sensitive to stains. Therefore, we always recommend to use our Bamboo Topcoat. Thi...
Natuurlijk kleurverschil in bamboe
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Natural color differences in bamboo

Bamboo comes in all sorts of colors and sizes. There are many different types of bamboo, all of which have their own appearance. Moso bamboo Moso bamboo is a real show bamboo. It is naturally ...
Bamboe Terras Reinigen en Onderhouden
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Cleaning and care of Bamboo Decking Boards

Bamboo is a sturdy grass species that is ideal for making tough decking boards. A bamboo decking or patio gives your yard a natural, serene look and can take a beating. However, a bamboo terrace c...
Hoe wordt Bamboe Plaatmateriaal gemaakt?
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How is bamboo panel material produced?

Bamboo is a renewable resource that has become one of the most important alternatives to tropical hardwood in recent years. When you see bamboo flooring, kitchen cabinets, or cutting boards, you m...
Interessante Bamboe Wetenswaardigheden
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Interesting facts about bamboo

Incredible stories circulate about bamboo, but is everything they say about this plant true? Does bamboo really grow 1 meter a day? Does bamboo originate from China? Is bamboo stronger than steel? ...
Bamboe Eigenschappen en Onderhoud
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Properties and care of bamboo

Bamboo is very durable. With proper use, treatment and care, it can last a very long time. After all, there are bamboo structures that are more than 200 years old. However, it is important that th...