Blogs about Bamboo

In the below, you'll find the best examples of bamboo applied in beautiful gardens, constructions, interiors, DIY projects and much more.
Wat is de beste keuze: een schutting van een rieten mat of van een bamboe mat?
Alles Over Bamboe

Wat is de beste keuze: een schutting van een rieten mat of van een bamboe mat?

Een natuurlijke mat op rol is niet alleen een functioneel element in je tuin, maar kan ook bijdragen aan de esthetiek en sfeer van je buitenruimte. Bij het kiezen van de juiste mat zijn er verschil...
Bamboe interieurdesign en decoratie

Interior design and decoration from bamboo

Bamboo is a versatile and durable material that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design and decoration. The fact that this application of bamboo is quickly gaining popular...
Top 3 privacyschermen

Top 3 privacy fence rolls

When it comes to creating privacy, demarcating areas, or aesthetically enhancing a garden or patio, privacy fence rolls are a great solution. At Bamboo Import, we offer a wide range of fence rolls,...
De Bamboefluit: kenmerkend voor cultuur

The bamboo flute: a feature of the culture

People like to make music: in traditional ceremonies, or for example, just for atmosphere and conviviality. This has been done for thousands of years, all over the world. When making the instrument...
DIY Bamboe Kledingrek

DIY bamboo clothes rack

You see it more and more often: bamboo in the garden. But did you know that you can also use bamboo very well indoors? Check out this cool bamboo clothes rack! Since you can choose the color of th...
Sponsoring duwstoelen voor negen ziekenhuizen

Sponsoring wheelchairs for 9 hospitals

Since August wheelchairs with our logo can be seen in 9 Dutch hospitals. Not only is sustainability of utmost importance to Bamboo Import, we also feel it is important to give back to society. When...
Woontrends: Fresh Start!
Ideeën & Inspiratie

Living Trends: Fresh Start!

t's May and we can't get away from it: summer is just around the corner. But what's going on in terms of interior trends? After two years of COVID-19, trends like Fresh Start show that we're ready ...
Bamboe Duurzaamheid
Alles Over Bamboe

Bamboo Durability

Protect the forest, build with bamboo Bamboo is known as an incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly product. But why is bamboo environmentally friendly? Bamboo grows incredibly fast. ...
Bamboe Knopen en Verbindingen
Doe Het Zelf

Bamboo knots and joints

Bamboo sticks can be used to build houses, furniture, bridges, rafts, towers, fences and thousands of other things. The challenge, however, is how best to knot and join bamboo. In this blog, we'll...
22x Bamboe Overkappingen ter inspiratie
Ideeën & Inspiratie

22x Bamboo canopies for inspiration

Are you also thinking about building a bamboo canopy this summer? Then here we present you some great ideas for inspiration. All bamboo materials are available in our webshop. Our mats are perfect...
Tuintrends: Privacy Schermen
Ideeën & Inspiratie

Garden Trends: Privacy Screens

Spring is just around the corner and we're all looking forward to sitting outside again. That's often when our fingers start itching to (re)decorate the garden or balcony. Looking at home and garde...
15x Met bamboe je tuin opknappen
Ideeën & Inspiratie

15x Beautify your garden with bamboo

Are you tired of seeing your old wooden fence? A garden makeover is easier than you think! And it doesn't have to be expensive either. Are you looking to renovate your garden and need a few more id...

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