Blogs about Bamboo

In the below, you'll find the best examples of bamboo applied in beautiful gardens, constructions, interiors, DIY projects and much more.
Duurzame Dinsdag: Forte Kinderopvang

Sustainable Tuesday: Forte Childcare

Today is Sustainable Tuesday, a day when we all take a moment to reflect on how sustainably we actually live. Sustainability is important to taking good care of the earth. The Forte Kinderopvang t...
INSIGHT BEACH - Stadsoase in Breda

INSIGHT BEACH - City oasis in Breda

After the success of its sensational pop-up venue in Eindhoven, Insight Beach moved to STRND in Breda. On the grounds of the STRND in Breda, it was wonderful to relax in Insight Beach's uniquely d...
Wijkiki Kitesurf school in Wijk Aan Zee

Wijkiki Kitesurfing school in Wijk Aan Zee

Many beach bars use bamboo to transform the experience into a tropical atmosphere. You imagine yourself in Ibiza or perhaps the Netherlands Antilles for a while. In this way, you can also escape t...
Tensegrity kunst met Bamboe Palen

Tensegrity Art with Bamboo Poles

"All Along the Watchtower"Every year Antepavillion participates in the architectural competition with artistic and experimental projects. This year's theme was "Bartizan" or: medieval watchtower. ...
10x Bamboe Rolgordijnen en Rieten Rolgordijnen inspiratie
Ideeën & Inspiratie

10x Bamboo Blinds and Reed Blinds inspiration

Blinds are available in many different designs. Bamboo Import has deliberately chosen blinds made of natural materials such as reed and bamboo. This eco-friendly window decoration can be used both...
9 x Bamboe Kamerscherm toepassingen
Ideeën & Inspiratie

9 x Bamboo Room Screen Applications

Bamboo is perfect for use in your interior. Our customers are often enough creative themselves with bamboo poles, but we also sell room dividers ourselves. We have room dividers made of decorativ...
Onze rietproductie in China

Our cane production in China

We source our products from many parts of the world. Our reed products come from China. We get our reed mats and reed blinds from there. We often get messages from our suppliers showing how the pr...
Internationale dag van de Panda
Alles Over Bamboe

International Panda Day

Today is International Panda Day. A good excuse to take a look at giant pandas. Because pandas eat bamboo and we sell bamboo. Still, you don't have to worry about us being a danger to pandas. Beca...
Bamboe Badkamer: Natuurlijk en veelzijdig
Ideeën & Inspiratie

Bamboo bathroom: natural and versatile

Do you love natural materials? With a bathroom made of bamboo, you can create a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Whether you're completely remodeling your bathroom or just making a few adjustments: T...
Bamboe Theater voor Operavoorstellingen in Noordwijk

Bamboo Theater for Opera performances in Noordwijk

This mobile bamboo theater was designed by Studio Akkerhuis in 2017 for the opera performance Gestrand Verlangen by the Kunstklank Foundation. Stichting Kunstklank has been organizing performances ...
Bamboo Import Europe Investeert in Ontwikkelingslanden

Bamboo Import Europe Invests in Developing Countries.

At Bamboo Import we are always committed to our suppliers in Asia and South America. Our growth in recent years has meant that we have been able to invest more and more in our permanent foreign pa...
Bamboe Start-Finishboog voor Subaru Beach Battle

Bamboo Start-Finish Arch for Subaru Beach Battle

For the 3rd edition of the Subaru Beach Battle on the beach of Wijk aan Zee, we have built a special start-finish arch made of bamboo. This finish arch, which can also be used as an honor arch or ...