10x Bamboe Rolgordijnen en Rieten Rolgordijnen inspiratie

10x Bamboo Blinds and Reed Blinds inspiration

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Blinds are available in many different designs. Bamboo Import has deliberately chosen blinds made of natural materials such as reed and bamboo. This eco-friendly window decoration can be used both indoors and outdoors, creating a warm and tropical atmosphere in your home or garden. A great advantage of natural blinds is that they can be easily cut to the desired size, and they are also very easy to attach and maintain. You can learn more about them in this blog.

Our blinds create a natural and tropical atmosphere in the garden, on the patio, under a canopy, pergola, gazebo or hot tub and provide excellent protection from the sun, heat, noise, wind and prying eyes. Our durable, environmentally conscious and sun protective blinds are designed to create privacy while still letting in light. We always have a blind in our selection to fit your home situation.

Bamboo blinds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor window decoration, but can also be used as a rug, wall or ceiling covering, decoration and so on.

Our Bamboo blinds are handmade with full, round bamboo poles that have been opened and pressed flat. This technique gives the blinds a unique tropical look, where the natural outer layer and rings of the bamboo pole are still clearly visible. Standard bamboo blinds for windows and doors are available in a variety of sizes, but can also be easily shortened in height and width. Our bamboo blinds are available in natural or black (dark brown) color.

With blinds made of reed, you can quickly and inexpensively create more privacy and a cozy atmosphere. Plus, reed is a durable and natural material that keeps heat out while still allowing subtle, filtered light in. Our reed blinds are made of sturdy saltwater reed tied together with black palm rope. This construction allows you to easily roll and unroll the blinds and adjust them to the desired height. Since reed is a lightweight material, these blinds are easy to operate even with wider windows.