Bamboe Hangmat Standaard voor Festivals en Evenementen

Bamboo Hammock Stand for Festivals and Events

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A bamboo hammock stand for festivals, parties and events has been thought up by 4 Little Birds from Amstelveen. The unique concept has proven to be a great success in the past festival season. The "Tropical Hangout", as the makers call it themselves, offers a comfortable way to take a break during the hot summer months and is also perfect as a social meeting point at events. High-quality Guadua Bamboo Poles

4 Little Birds is a group of 4 designers and engineers with a passion for bamboo. The quality of the bamboo hammock stand is critical to the design and to the promotion of bamboo in general as an environmentally friendly building material. In search of the strongest Bamboo Poles, the initiators logically came to us.

As usual with successful products, the complexity lies in the simplicity of the design. The Bamboo Poles of the hammock stand are ingeniously connected by steel cables and specially made metal caps that fit exactly on the bamboo poles. This creates a very sturdy bamboo hammock stand that can be placed on almost any surface without the need to fix it to the ground.

For more information on renting or buying these bamboo hammocks, visit: Tropical Hangout