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Bamboo Bathroom Inspiration:

Functional and Stylish

Do you love natural materials such as wood or stone? A bamboo bathroom is the perfect way to create a relaxed and carefree atmosphere. Whether you completely rebuild your bathroom or just make some adjustments: the materials you choose have a big influence on the look. Do you go for strong and functional or for stylish and durable? Choose both! An affordable option that has all these features is bamboo. Bamboo has valuable unique properties and advantages. On this page we give you bathroom inspiration for creating modern bamboo bathrooms.

Bamboo in the bathroom: natural and versatile

Bamboo has a distinctive natural look that is perfect for a real wellness experience in the bathroom. As if you were bringing a little jungle into your shower. How do bamboo planks get their looks? The bamboo stems are sawn into straight strips and then glued horizontally or vertically in different layers. These different layers give the panels a unique look, as they consist of long, narrow strips in which the bamboo knots are often still visible. This in turn creates a natural and contemporary pattern with a natural feel.

bamboo bathroom 003

Whether you go for basic and pure, rural, modern or industrial: bamboo looks good in all kinds of living styles. Because bamboo is a natural product, you can easily combine it with other materials. Think of sleek stainless steel, elegant glass, sturdy concrete or luxurious marble. The brown natural tones match a diverse colour palette, such as black or white, pastel shades or a brighter trend colour. So you can create exactly the look you want.

Create a unique bathroom with bamboo

Bamboo is already grown on 1001 different ways applied. In addition, bamboo is easy to process in various bathroom cabinets. Are you going for a bathroom cabinet, an upgrade of your washbasin top or a complete bathroom wall? The use of bamboo gives the bathroom a stylish, warm atmosphere. Would you like a more subtle approach? Then choose trendy accessories such as a bathroom rack or a bamboo roller blind for a modest, but high-impact upgrade of your bathroom.

Luxurious, warm and relaxed: stylish with bamboo

Besides a stylish look, ease of use is also important. It is nice when a bathroom is easy to clean, can handle moisture well and lasts a long time. Bamboo has a natural wood look and is stronger than most hardwoods. Because the bamboo panels consist of individual strips, they show less movement (shrinkage and swelling) than solid wood. Due to the unique construction of the bamboo strips, the plates are very stable and they also look beautiful.

Getting started with bathroom furniture

Are you already overflowing with bathroom ideas and how to use bamboo? Or do you make bathrooms on commission and do you want to offer a unique, modern bathroom? We like to help you with the realisation. Our bamboo plates are suitable as furniture panels for upgrading various bathroom furniture items yourself. We have the right tools to saw the boards to size. For example, we can make wall panels, a washbasin top or a made-to-measure bathroom cabinet.

Bamboo in the bathroom:

  • Resists moisture well and does not rot.
  • It is super strong and can take a beating.
  • Low maintenance: bamboo is very easy to clean.
  • Stays beautiful for years. After it has been treated, it even lasts for about fifty years!
bamboo bathroom 008

A-quality bamboo from Bamboo Import

Bamboo has become one of the main alternatives to tropical hardwood. The stems grow on average 25 cm per day and reach their maximum height after about half a year. After about five years, the stems are mature - the bamboo is then 'wooded' - and they are harvested. After harvesting, new bamboo shoots appear. There is no need to replant the plant. Durable and strong.

When you buy bamboo for the bathroom from Bamboo Import, you are assured of A-quality material. We buy the bamboo directly from the source and we work together with fixed partners. This guarantees the best price and quality. We supply our bamboo interior panels untreated. Use Bamboo Topcoat to protect bamboo from moisture, wear, stains and discolouration. Our bamboo panels are not only very strong, because of the unique design of each panel, they also look great. This way you can create a modern look in your bathroom.

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