Duurzame Dinsdag: Forte Kinderopvang

Sustainable Tuesday: Forte Childcare

Today is Sustainable Tuesday, a day when we all take a moment to reflect on how sustainably we actually live. Sustainability is important to taking good care of the earth. The Forte Kinderopvang took this into consideration with their Garden of the Future, where the children learned about a sustainable future. A product like bamboo is a perfect fit here, of course, which is why Bamboo Import sponsored the decoration of the multi-day event.


An alarming IPCC climate report: how can we make sure we stop global warming? With this in mind, Forte Kinderopvang and Hortus Alkmaar set to work to raise children's awareness of the problem through gamification. Game developer Studio Exp. collaborated on this. In this way, the children dealt with this current issue in a playful way. The children's creative, innovative ideas made them feel that the possibilities are endless.

Through plays, escaperoom elements, inspiring workshops and by exploring together, the children discover more and more how the Earth can be saved. Actors and workshop leaders guide the children in inspiring and exploratory ways during these three days. Janouk Kelderman, known from TV, came to close the event on the third day and helped the children to present their ideas.

For more information, visit www.forteexperience.nl.