If you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for your construction project, bamboo beams are an excellent choice. Bamboo is a very strong and durable material that is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry.

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Bamboo Beams are suitable

If you are looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly option for your construction project, our Bamboo Beams are the perfect choice.

Are Bamboo Beams heavy? Bamboo Beams are slightly heavier than hardwood beams, and are very strong. Of course, the weight of Bamboo Beams can vary depending on the size and thickness of the beam.

What are the beams commonly used for? Bamboo Beams are commonly used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoors, the beams are often used for structures such as patio covers, pergolas, carports, sheds and garden structures. Indoors, they are often used to make tables, cabinets, beds, and other furniture pieces.




Bamboo is one of the most underrated raw materials. Bamboo is sustainable, renewable, grows relatively quickly and its natural beauty makes it unique.


Bamboo is as strong as steel and has greater tensile strength. This is due to the hard surface and parallel fiber bundles of the bamboo stalks that are close together.


Bamboo has the advantage of being super elastic. It is so flexible that it returns to the starting position every time and does not deform after bending.


Thanks to its high stability, bamboo easily lasts a lifetime. Hence, bamboo is increasingly used in public spaces, construction and as decking/terrace boards and fences.

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Frequently asked questions about our bamboo beams

Bamboo Beams are generally stronger than most wood species, with the exception of some specialty species such as oak. Bamboo has a higher tensile and bending strength than most wood species and also has a higher density. Therefore, Bamboo Beams are very suitable for constructions where strength and durability are important, such as flooring and furniture.

Yes, Bamboo Beams can be used for outdoor constructions. Bamboo is naturally resistant to insects, mold and rot, making it a durable material for outdoor use. However, the durability of bamboo can be improved by treating the beams with maintenance products that protect against UV rays and moisture. However, it is important to provide proper drainage and ventilation to prevent moisture from accumulating and rotting the beams.

Bamboo Beams can be installed and fastened in the same way as traditional wood beams. The beams must be cut and adjusted to the proper length and shape, and then can be attached to the structure with staples, bolts or screws. It is important to pre-drill the holes so that the beams do not break.

Bamboo Beams are available in a variety of standard sizes, ranging from 6 x 6 cm to 15 x 15 cm. The length of the beams also varies depending on the manufacturer and application. Standard lengths range from 2 to 6 meters. It is also possible to order bamboo beams made to measure, depending on specific needs.