Bamboo Import offers a rich collection of bamboo garden products for any outdoor space: a rooftop terrace, a cozy city garden or a luxurious villa garden. With our specialist team, we will help you realize your dream garden or terrace. Explore our various categories below and get inspired for a beautiful and durable outdoor living space.

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A garden or roof terrace is an extension of your home, and our bamboo fences offer the perfect combination of privacy and natural beauty. Whether you go for the modern, sleek look of a Bamboo Fence Giant or choose a Bamboo Fence Half Round Dark for a Japanese-style garden, we offer it all in our extensive online store. Our friendly staff is happy to think with you to find a fence or screen that fits seamlessly with your garden interior. To view the entire range of bamboo fences, click here.




Bamboo is one of the most underrated raw materials. Bamboo is sustainable, renewable, grows relatively quickly and its natural beauty makes it unique.


Bamboo is as strong as steel and has greater tensile strength. This is due to the hard surface and parallel fiber bundles of the bamboo stalks that are close together.


Bamboo has the advantage of being super elastic. It is so flexible that it returns to the starting position every time and does not deform after bending.


Thanks to its high stability, bamboo easily lasts a lifetime. Hence, bamboo is increasingly used in public spaces, construction and as decking/terrace boards and fences.

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