If you are looking for a durable and natural floor, bamboo flooring is an excellent choice. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that stores much more CO2 than traditional hardwoods. Bamboo floors are available in a variety of colors and styles.



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Bamboo Floor ClassyBamboo Floor Classy
Bamboo Floor Classy
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Bamboo Floor IndustrialBamboo Floor Industrial
Bamboo Floor Industrial
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Bamboo Floor ForestBamboo Floor Forest
Bamboo Floor Forest
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durable choice for a natural look

Bamboo Flooring

Price of bamboo flooring In general, bamboo floors are cheaper than hardwood floors, but more expensive than laminate floors. So is our flooring. Our bamboo floors are comparable in price to oak floors.

Bamboo flooring and underfloor heating A bamboo floor can be perfectly combined with the more modern underfloor heating with high efficiency. Bamboo has a low thermal resistance, so the heat is distributed quickly and evenly. However, it is important to allow the bamboo flooring to fully acclimate before installing it. This usually takes a few days to a week. Finally, the underfloor heating should be under the entire bamboo floor.

Bamboo flooring is also environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource. For example, bamboo grows much faster than trees and can be harvested within a few years without harming the environment, flora and fauna.




Bamboo is one of the most underrated raw materials. Bamboo is sustainable, renewable, grows relatively quickly and its natural beauty makes it unique.


Bamboo is as strong as steel and has greater tensile strength. This is due to the hard surface and parallel fiber bundles of the bamboo stalks that are close together.


Bamboo has the advantage of being super elastic. It is so flexible that it returns to the starting position every time and does not deform after bending.


Thanks to its high stability, bamboo easily lasts a lifetime. Hence, bamboo is increasingly used in public spaces, construction and as decking/terrace boards and fences.

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