Tensegrity kunst met Bamboe Palen

Tensegrity Art with Bamboo Poles

"All Along the Watchtower"

Every year Antepavillion participates in the architectural competition with artistic and experimental projects. This year's theme was "Bartizan" or: medieval watchtower. The group "Project Bunny Rabbit" can be seen this summer with their creative implementation of the concept on the roof of the Antepavillion.

The Antepavillion is located in Columbia Wharf in London. For six weeks, the Project Bunny Rabbit team worked on a tensegrity structure made of bamboo poles and steel wire. It is a sensational design in which the structure manages to defy the laws of gravity. The concept of tensegrity is about measuring the center of gravity correctly, playing with the pressure and pull of an object. Thus, the entire building is constructed of rods that seem to float in nothingness. It is precisely this floating that gives the bars stability. The constant tension on the steel wires gives the whole thing shape. This makes the various towers light and real eye-catchers.

The choice of this eye-catching design accommodates rooftop events and is so eye-catching that it can be seen from afar. This work of art has been named "All Along the Watchtower." The watchtower is named after a song by Bob Dylan. A warning of the coming chaos, with an artistic commentary on climate change and the ecological dangers it poses. The drama of the building is reflected in the urgency of these problems.

The fact that the building draws attention to the climate issue is of course very convenient for us as Bamboo Import. The CO2-negative bamboo is perfectly suited for such statements. With a sustainable product, we are committed to improving ecological problems such as deforestation.