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Japanese saw 200 mm

For professional woodworkers

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Especially for cutting bamboo

Hybrid gearing

For perfect cutting results

Up to 3 times less power required

200 mm saw blade without blade back

    Special attention for home and interior

    Roller Blinds

    natural and tropical atmosphere

    Roller Blinds

    natural and tropical atmosphere

    Bamboo poles

    countless opportunities

    Bamboo poles

    For home or office


    General Japanese saw

    This strong Japanese saw, also known as the kataba saw, is a versatile tool that is ideally suited to cutting bamboo. The thin blade with 3-sided trapezoidal teeth allows you to saw through hard bamboo sticks, poles and slats quickly and effortlessly.

    Japanese saws look very different from western hand saws. The blade of Japanese saws is much thinner, more flexible and has different teeth. The most important difference however is that Japanese saws are puller saws. This means that the Japanese saw does its work by pulling and does not need to be pushed through the bamboo like a western saw.

    The fine teeth are set to a minimum so that the cut is only slightly wider than the saw blade. The minimal setting of the saw teeth ensures a perfectly smooth cut. Incidentally, Japanese saws are also suitable for sawing normal wood or for curving (cutting lengthwise).

    For professional woodworkers, the Japanese saw is an indispensable item in the toolbox because it delivers perfect cutting results. Due to the special hybrid toothing, this universal saw can be used for precise cross and mitre cuts.


    1. A pulling saw movement has the advantage that the saw blade is under tension and will not fold over when cutting.
    2. The thin saw blade and the particularly sharp trapezoidal teeth make it very easy to make super-clean cuts without the need for re-sanding. The result is an extremely thin cut with high precision.
    3. The pulling saw motion also has the great advantage of requiring significantly less power. With a pulling saw motion, up to 3 times less power is required than with a pushing saw motion. So not only can you cut much faster, it also requires much less effort.
    4. The thin blade of a Japanese puller saw is much more efficient at removing wood or bamboo and therefore produces less sawdust than an ordinary western hand saw.
    5. Finally, a Japanese pull saw gives much more control, making it possible to keep cutting straight.

    Operating instructions

    1. The cut of a Japanese puller saw starts at the back, close to the handle. Hold the saw where you want to cut and (gently) use your thumb to guide the blade until it has sunk into the bamboo. Pull the saw gently towards you.
    2. Let the saw do its work and do not apply too much pressure. This can sometimes be difficult if you are used to a western hand saw, where it is necessary to apply pressure.
    3. When making your first movements, do not make the mistake of sawing too fast or pressing harder, make a straight cut first. Not only will you achieve a perfect result, but your saw will also last much longer.
    4. Practise by yourself to find the angle at which you feel most comfortable cutting. We prefer an almost horizontal movement as this gives us the most contact with the bamboo, as the cut progresses the saw can be held at an angle.
    5. Complete the cutting movement smoothly and easily, still without exerting pressure and with the focus on the pulling movement. The result is a fine, clean cut in every sawing task.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.086 kg
    Dimensions 35.0 × 3.5 × 2.0 cm



    Carbon steel (non-rusting)

    Saw blade length

    200 mm

    Tooth distance

    1.7 mm


    15 TDI (teeth per inch)

    Saw blade thickness

    0.5 mm

    Saw cut

    0.8 mm

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