Wat is de beste keuze voor mij: een schutting van een rieten mat of van een bamboe mat?

Which is the best choice for me: a fence made of a reed roll or from a bamboo roll?

Melyik a legjobb választás: a nádszőnyeg kerítés vagy a bambuszszőnyeg? Reading Which is the best choice for me: a fence made of a reed roll or from a bamboo roll? 3 minutes

A natural fence roll is not only a functional element in your garden, but can also contribute to the aesthetics and atmosphere of your outdoor space. When choosing the right roll, there are several options to choose from, including bamboo and reed. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the difference between a bamboo roll and a reed roll, so that you can make an informed choice that perfectly suits your garden.

Natural look and durability

Both bamboo fence rolls and reed fence rolls have a natural look that can add a touch of organic beauty to your garden. Bamboo is a strong material known for its durability. It grows quickly and absorbs a lot of CO2. Reed, on the other hand, has a rustic look but is less durable.

Privacy and sound insulation

If privacy is an important factor, a bamboo fence roll may be the better choice. We have a lot of different mats and privacy screens made of bamboo. Bamboo rolls offer a dense and solid partition, shutting out prying eyes. In addition, bamboo also has good sound-insulating properties. Wicker fence rolls have a reasonably good visibility density. Because the material is thinner, it offers less privacy. However, it can create a more open and airy atmosphere.

Weather resistance and durability

Bamboo is generally more resistant to various weather conditions, such as rain, sun and wind. With the help of our maintenance products to retain its colour and sturdiness, even after exposure to the elements. Reed, on the other hand, will deteriorate over time and is more likely to discolour, especially if not properly maintained. It can be more susceptible to moisture and will eventually need to be replaced sooner.

Maintenance and costs

You can protect a fence of reed roll from moisture and mould by regularly treating it with Bamboo Booster. This oil is easy to apply with a cloth. Bamboo rolls generally require little maintenance. To enjoy your bamboo roll even longer, we do recommend applying a new layer of protective transparent Bamboo Protector or Bamboo Renovator with colour pigment every year. This may increase maintenance costs for bamboo fence rolls and fences over time.

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