About us

Bamboo Import - with more than 25 years of combined experience - is the largest importer and supplier of bamboo garden products and building materials to consumers in Europe.

In our office and warehouse, a dedicated team works together to realize the vision. We strive not only for aesthetically pleasing products, but also for sustainability and environmental awareness. Our warehouse serves as the beating heart of our organization, where we store and process carefully selected bamboo to deliver to our valued customers.

With more than a quarter-century of experience, we remain driven to explore the boundaries of bamboo innovation. Our commitment to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, and we look forward to sharing the beauty and benefits of bamboo with you for many years to come.

Onze visie:

Bamboe is het nieuwe hout

Our vision "bamboo is the new wood" represents growth and offers many opportunities. It provides the context in which we make our strategic decisions in the markets in which we operate and the types of bamboo we import and supply. Although the bamboo for our customers is produced in various locations abroad, we take responsibility for the quality we deliver. In cooperation with our producers from all over the world, we have been transformed into the largest importer of consumer products in Europe. Our ambition is to grow even further. Think about it: bamboo is the new wood!

Sustainability at the core of Our mission

We have sustainability embedded in our mission. Understanding the impact of traditional materials on the environment, we have focused on bamboo, one of the most sustainable and fast-growing crops in the world.

Bamboo is not only an aesthetically pleasing material, but it also offers significant environmental benefits. It grows quickly, requires minimal pesticides and fertilizer, and absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees.

One of Bamboo Import Europe's standout product lines is its collection of bamboo garden products. From beautiful bamboo mats to robust decking boards, each piece is carefully crafted with durability and style in mind. Not only are the products made from high-quality bamboo, but the manufacturing process itself is designed with minimal environmental impact. Recycling and reuse are embedded in the company's culture, minimizing its carbon footprint.

In addition to our sustainable garden products, we are also known for providing bamboo building materials. Whether it is bamboo flooring, wall covering or bamboo panels, we offer a range of solutions that are both functional and environmentally friendly.

The construction industry plays a crucial role in reducing the global ecological impact, and Bamboo Import Europe is leading the way by providing high-quality alternatives to wood.

Our points of sale abroad

The power of collaboration

In the world of bamboo, cooperation is flourishing like never before. Bamboo Import Europe, based in the Netherlands, has joined forces with resellers across Belgium, France, Curaçao, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, and many more.

This strategic cooperation is at the heart of a growing success story, in which joint efforts lead to a strengthened presence in international markets. This collaboration illustrates the principle of "more success together.

By joining forces with resellers in several countries, Bamboo Import Europe has not only strengthened its market position, but also built a network of valuable partnerships. It is a vivid example of how cooperation paves the way for sustainable success on an international scale, while Europe can continue to enjoy the splendor and sustainability of bamboo.