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Bamboo Pole Half-round Dark

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Dimensions::ø 7-10cm x L 100cm
Color:Dark brown

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The Bamboo Pole Half-round Black is made of the Indonesian bamboo species Java Black, in Indonesian Bambu Hitam. The bamboo poles are available in various diameters and are supplied untreated. The half-round poles are perfect for cladding walls and ceilings, as they are nice and flat at the back, weigh less and take up less space than full bamboo poles. 

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Half-round bamboo poles can be connected in many different ways. Most techniques use rope and/or threaded ends. But more advanced methods, such as the fish-mouth joint or peg-and-hole joint, are also possible. Of course, you can also screw bamboo together. Here we recommend always pre-drilling to minimise the risk of cracks. Cutting bamboo is best done with a Japanese saw. This special bamboo saw has small, sharp teeth which allow you to cut easily, quickly and precisely.

Half-round bamboo poles are also used when installing Giant Bamboo Garden Fences to "hide" the wooden garden poles. These wooden garden posts are needed for the strength of the garden fence. By cladding the garden posts with semicircular poles, the bamboo fence then appears to consist of one whole.



Each bamboo pole is unique. Colour differences and variations in the width of the bamboo poles are normal for this natural product. Another natural characteristic of bamboo poles is that they are thicker at the base than at the top. The gradient of the bamboo canes depends on the bamboo species and the length of the cane. Our indicated dimensions are always measured at the thickest side of the bamboo stick. Are you looking for a specific size or gradient? Feel free to visit us to choose the bamboo sticks yourself.

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Bamboo Benefits

With photosynthesis, bamboo extracts CO2 from the air and releases oxygen. Bamboo produces about 40% more oxygen than wood and absorbs up to 35% more CO2 than wood. That makes bamboo better for CO2 offsetting than wood.

More about Bamboo

Bamboo & Environment

The use of bamboo greatly reduces the greenhouse effect and climate change. Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent species of hardwood. This is due to its high growth rate and photosynthesis. Climate change has been an issue for several years, which is why bamboo could be included as a certified hardwood. Bamboo is also suitable for biomass production because it gives the second highest biomass on earth.