Acoustic Panels

This is the perfect solution to improve the acoustic performance of any room while adding a touch of natural beauty. Made of high-quality bamboo, this wall panel is designed to meet both aesthetic and functional needs.


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Our Bamboo Acoustic Wall Panel is not only visually appealing but also highly effective in reducing noise levels. The felt backing of the panel acts as an additional sound absorbing layer that ensures optimal acoustic performance in any environment. Say goodbye to unwanted echoes, reverberation and disturbances as this panel creates a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

With its unique bamboo pattern and texture, our Bamboo Acoustic Wall Panel on Felt adds a natural and organic look to any interior. Whether for residential, retail or office spaces, this panel fits effortlessly into any interior style, from traditional to modern.

Installation of our acoustic bamboo panels is hassle-free. The panels come prefabricated, making them easy to install on any wall surface. Enjoy the benefits of improved acoustics without complicated installation processes.

Available in different colors




Acoustic Wall Panel Perforated

Discover the combination of natural aesthetics and impeccable performance with our Bamboo Perforated Wall Panel on Felt. This expertly designed panel is the ultimate solution for those looking to add acoustic comfort and visual allure to their home.

Our Bamboo Perforated Wall Panel is made from superior quality bamboo, known for its great strength, longevity and sound absorbing qualities. The discreet perforations in the panel enhance its acoustic properties and reduce reverberation and background noise in a room.

This unique panel, complemented by a felt backing, increases acoustic efficiency by absorbing sound waves rather than reflecting them. This feature makes our panel an excellent choice for spaces where sound control is critical, such as offices, home theaters, commercial spaces or studios.

In terms of style, this wall panel will never go unnoticed. Made of bamboo, it exudes a natural warmth and understated elegance. Its lightly textured surface and intricate perforated pattern create a unique visual appeal that harmonizes with a variety of interior styles - from modern minimalist to rustic.

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