Bamboo edging rolls can also be used as a planter or as a partition of your walkway or front yard.



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Bamboo Border Natural
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We have bamboo borders on rolls available in the size (w) 200 x (h) 45 cm, but are also easy to adjust and cut to size if necessary.

Because the border edges are connected in two places with galvanized steel wire, the bamboo border is very stable. All our bamboo borders are luxuriously finished and closed at the top, so as to prevent the ingress of rainwater and dirt.

Bamboo border rolls are very good to use as planters or as separation of your walkway or front yard. When you combine the natural or black bamboo borders with our collection of bamboo mats or bamboo screens you create a beautiful whole in the garden.




Bamboo is one of the most underrated raw materials. Bamboo is sustainable, renewable, grows relatively quickly and its natural beauty makes it unique.


Bamboo is as strong as steel and has greater tensile strength. This is due to the hard surface and parallel fiber bundles of the bamboo stalks that are close together.


Bamboo has the advantage of being super elastic. It is so flexible that it returns to the starting position every time and does not deform after bending.


Thanks to its high stability, bamboo easily lasts a lifetime. Hence, bamboo is increasingly used in public spaces, construction and as decking/terrace boards and fences.

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Border rolls come into their own best as the edge of a flowerbed. This means direct contact with the soil. We therefore recommend treating the bottom of the border, the part that will be in the ground, with our Bamboo Ground Protector. Untreated bamboo can rot or mold in the ground over time.

Are you mounting the Bamboo Border roll against something? Try to keep a few millimeters space between the roll and the soil. To fix the Bamboo Border roll against, for example, a plank, drill
4mm holes through the bamboo sticks. Pre-drilling is important here, because otherwise bamboo may crack. Do this every +/- 20 cm and screw the border roll with 4 x 70 mm screws.

If the Bamboo Border Roll is secured against a
mesh panel, you can best do this with Tie-Wraps or Binding Threads. These can be tied around the iron wire of the roll every +/- 20 cm. Secure the roll at the top and bottom for maximum stability.