Bamboe Gevelbekleding voor Parkeergarage in Amsterdam

Bamboo facade for parking garage in Amsterdam

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Unique bamboo facade for the parking garage of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, Slotervaart Medical Centre and Sanquin Blood Bank in Amsterdam.

The impressive bamboo parking garage of the Slotervaart Medical Centre in Amsterdam is the second of its kind, but the largest we have built so far. The parking garage has a total of five floors, a total area of 3,200 m2 and currently has space for almost 1,200 cars.

In cooperation with Ballast Nedam Parking, the project is to be expanded to include other similar parking garages in the coming years. As in The Hague, Guadua bamboo poles were used as cladding.

The architectural firm de Jong Gortemaker Algra is responsible for the design of the bamboo cladding for the parking garage in Amsterdam. The fan-shaped arrangement of the bamboo poles creates a dynamic appearance that makes the façade appear transparent at one time and closed at another, depending on the angle of view.

The first floor and second floor of the parking garage were not clad with bamboo poles to simulate a floating effect and avoid the building becoming a large solid block. Instead, live bamboo plants were chosen to create a green oasis in a city normally dominated by concrete buildings.