26x Bamboe Schutting Ideeën voor Tuin, Terras of Balkon

26x Bamboo Fence Ideas for Garden, Terrace or Balcony

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A bamboo fence will give your garden, patio or balcony a cozy and warm look. With these 26 bamboo fence ideas, we want to show you the different possibilities.

Bamboo fences come in rolls or as solid panels. Bamboo mats are best for covering an existing wall, fence or lattice wall. Bamboo lattice is best used as a freestanding fence or divider to create more privacy between two gardens.

To add some life and a natural look to a concrete fence, the client decided to fill the depressions in the wall with loose bamboo canes. Combining bamboo with other materials creates a very unique and modern look. In this case, the bamboo canes were stained with Bamboo Protector. A transparent stain that improves the durability of the bamboo fence and prevents it from aging.

In this Japanese garden, black bamboo rolls and loose bamboo poles are used. The black bamboo mats were bolted to a partition wall and finished with a zinc strip at the top to increase the durability of the black bamboo fence. The loose bamboo posts are also covered on top to prevent rain and dirt from getting trapped in the bamboo posts.

Bamboo is also very popular on the balcony. Bamboo rolls with a height of 1 m and a width of 2.5 m are ideal as bamboo balcony screens and can be easily fixed with metal wires. A bamboo balcony screen provides privacy and creates a cozy atmosphere.

On one terrace, residents covered an ugly concrete wall with bamboo mats and transformed it into a sunny and tropical seating area. Because the bamboo stalks in the rolls are connected with galvanized steel wire, installing a bamboo fence on rolls is very quick and easy.

What used to be a see-through mesh fence is now a beautiful black fence with little see-through. One of the advantages of bamboo mesh on rolls is that you can easily install them in all sorts of corners or shapes. Here, use tie straps or tie wires to attach the bamboo roll to the mat wall.

With a photo print on canvas, it's a pleasure to dream about your favorite destination on the patio. The canvas sits in a frame made of thick Chinese bamboo poles, the corners of which are finished with manila rope. The sides of the fence are covered with split bamboo mats on rollers.

Do you want something different from an ordinary wooden fence? Then bamboo mats are a great solution to transform your wooden fence panels into a piece of tropical paradise.

Black bamboo fence panels from Indonesia are sturdy and impressive as garden dividers. You can also shorten some of the bamboo posts of a standard black giant bamboo fence to give the thick bamboo fence a playful character. 

The thick bamboo fences have minimal see-through and provide the best privacy screen in the garden. They are easy to put together with hardwood garden posts and special stainless steel staples. These Indonesian bamboo garden fences are available in standard heights of 120, 180 and 200 cm.

The combination of concrete, metal and bamboo makes this low bamboo fence a very successful garden fence. The light colors contrast nicely with the black bamboo lattice, and the zinc cover plate on the bamboo greatly increases the life of the fence. In our experience, bamboo fences that are not in constant contact with moisture at the top and bottom last much longer than bamboo fences without protection.

For a Japanese fish pond with koi carp, a bamboo fence is actually a must. The calm and natural atmosphere that bamboo exudes is unmistakably associated with the Far East. A bamboo fence on rolls is cheap, but certainly no less beautiful. Attached to a wire mesh fence and decorated with some colorful banners, you can achieve a beautiful and modern final result.

Black bamboo fencing is made from natural black (dark brown) bamboo canes. Since the bamboo canes are not painted, they differ from each other in color, some are slightly darker than others. This creates a very natural look in your garden, patio or balcony. 

You can also complete your fence with half bamboo poles. Since there was already a fence with wooden garden posts, the client decided to dress up the garden posts with half bamboo posts.

A sturdy black bamboo fence in the garden is always eye-catching. Then, when you add some beautiful light points, you truly have a unique bamboo fence that will be the envy of many.

Of course, a complete garden partition made of bamboo mats also goes well with a bamboo pergola. You can also finish off the planter with bamboo borders. In some cases, a bamboo fence doesn't have to be that high. If you live by a canal or forest, you may prefer a low bamboo privacy screen where you can continue to enjoy the view. A bamboo fence doesn't always have to be made of solid bamboo panels or rolls. You can also build a fence with loose bamboo poles. If you choose to bury bamboo poles into the ground, we advise you to lubricate that portion of the bamboo poles with Bamboo Ground Protector.

Bamboo that is in direct contact with the ground will rot faster. A framed bamboo fence is therefore an excellent solution to increase the durability and longevity of bamboo. In the example above, the problem was solved with a wooden kit. The pine frame was then stained with a dark stain to contrast nicely with the natural bamboo.

Want to beautify a garden or patio wall quickly and inexpensively? If so, a split rail bamboo fence is probably the best choice. This is also a popular alternative for temporary fencing. Split bamboo mats are very lightweight and packaged in convenient carrying bags. Attaching a split bamboo mat to a roll is very easy with tension wires or special mounting screws.

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