Bamboo Import Europe Investeert in Ontwikkelingslanden

Bamboo Import Europe Invests in Developing Countries.

At Bamboo Import we are always committed to our suppliers in Asia and South America. Our growth in recent years has meant that we have been able to invest more and more in our permanent foreign partners. For example, a few years ago we started to build additional warehouses in Indonesia. As we pre-financed the entire construction ourselves, our regular supplier did not have to take out expensive bank loans for this.Construction of our warehouse in Indonesia (2015)Completed warehouse (2016)

By supporting our partners in this way, we create peace of mind and security. Fair wages for workers are crucial in this regard. For example, we see that the products are processed with love, which ultimately translates into the best quality. After all, this can only make us and our customers happy.

During our annual visit, we therefore always try to organize something special for all employees. We think it's important to express our appreciation to all the people who give 100% every day to make fantastic products for us. Dinner organized by Bamboo Import in Yogyakarta.

Local farmers and workers can also count on Bamboo Import's support. Because we strongly believe in fair trade, we buy all of our bamboo materials directly. This means we cut out middlemen, which means that farmers receive a price that is higher than the market price. The positive effects of this strategy are immediately visible. For example, farmers are now investing in growing bamboo themselves, as this is more profitable in the long term than other agricultural activities.

The cultivation of bamboo also has a very important ecological aspect. Bamboo grows at lightning speed and produces on average 35% more oxygen than ordinary forests. This is crucial because large-scale deforestation to create palm oil plantations is still a major problem in Indonesia today. Smaller farmers usually have no choice and clear land that has been in their possession for generations for livestock or horticulture. Fortunately, bamboo now offers a good alternative, both economically and environmentally!

In everything Bamboo Import does, we start from the strength of the people themselves. After all, the ability to take care of oneself is an essential prerequisite for building an independent life and sustainable economic development of a country. In this way, people can shape their own future and that of their country.