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Cleaning and care of Bamboo Decking Boards

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Bamboo is a sturdy grass species that is ideal for making tough decking boards. A bamboo decking or patio gives your yard a natural, serene look and can take a beating. However, a bamboo terrace can still age or get dirty over time. Good maintenance and solid construction are important to keep your patio looking as beautiful as possible. But how do you go about it?

Why is care important?

Leaves, pollen, frost, rain or a lot of sunlight: all these are not the best friends of your bamboo deck. Different weather conditions significantly affect the appearance of Bamboo Decking Boards. As a result of the weather, the planks can get dirty and can get splinters and cracks.

1: New, 2: After six months, 3: After one and a half years, 4.

New Bamboo Decking Boards

A solid construction of your terrace is important to get a beautiful terrace. In this regard, the choice of the right decking boards is very important. Nano and Thermo Bamboo Decking Boards are the ideal choice for building a patio or deck. The planks are made of pressed bamboo fibers that are treated in a special, patented process. This makes them the strongest, hardest and most durable decking boards on the market.

Our Bamboo Decking Boards are pre-oiled and extremely durable: so at least 25 years of ground contact is no problem. In addition, thanks to their special treatment process, Bamboo Decking Boards are not affected by rot, decay, mold or insects. For both the Nano and Thermo versions, you can choose between the grooved and smooth sides of the planks. Do you opt for the smooth side? Then, however, any deformations due to weathering are somewhat more visible.

Treatment of bamboo planks

Like all types of wood, Thermo and Nano Bamboo Decking Boards exhibit a grayish color and fading of the typical bamboo structure. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the planks with an exterior oil at least once a year. Especially for this purpose we have developed Exterior Bamboo Shield.

Exterior Bamboo Shield can be used for basic treatment as well as for maintenance of new and already oiled Bamboo Decking Boards. The oil brings out the natural color and grain of the bamboo. It also provides a strong water and stain resistant finish, UV protection and slows the growth of mold and algae. Do you already have a bamboo deck in your yard? Then you can also use Exterior Bamboo Shield to refresh the deck and restore the original color of the bamboo.

Cleaning Bamboo Decking Boards

In addition to treatment, cleaning your bamboo decking or patio is always a good idea. Keep the deck clean by sweeping away all leaves and other loose debris with a broom. You can reduce splinters and bumps by cleaning the decking boards with a special silicon carbide broom or machine with a silicon carbide scraper.

In addition, cleaning your Bamboo Decking Boards is also recommended for proper preservation of your decking boards. To do this, rinse the deck boards with warm water and a mild, organic detergent. This way, you can easily remove all the dirt from the planks with a non-metallic, stiff brush. Then rinse again with plenty of water. Then allow the shelves to dry. Are the boards really dry? Then apply a coat of Exterior Bamboo Shield to restore the color to its natural state. Do this only when it is dry: both the decking boards should be dry, and the weather. After treatment with the oil, it should not rain for at least 48 hours.