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Bamboo Topcoat

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Bamboo Topcoat is a high-quality, water-based lacquer specially developed for the optimal protection of your bamboo panel materials and products made from bamboo panel materials, such as furniture, walls, interior doors, kitchen countertops, stair treads, paneling and flooring.

Bamboo Topcoat is fast drying, low-odor, easy to apply and tightly flowing. The application of Bamboo Topcoat barely affects the color and preserves the natural look of bamboo board material and products. The slight transparent satin gloss also provides a luxurious finish.

Bamboo Topcoat's good resistance to moisture and dirt guarantee an extremely durable result. At the same time, Bamboo Topcoat forms optimal protection against wear, stains and discoloration. The lacquer contains no harmful or flammable solvents and is maximally safe for the processor and the end user.

The bamboo surface should be sanded, clean, dry and grease-free. Buffing of bamboo fibers can be prevented by rubbing the bamboo panel with a damp cloth before applying the first coat. This method also usually avoids the need for intermediate sanding before applying a second coat. Intermediate sanding with P120 sandpaper is not necessary for adhesion, but can produce a smoother result.

Do not dilute the Bamboo Topcoat as this may upset the precise balance of ingredients. Do not use a foam roller (this can cause blistering) but a good quality mohair roller, felt roller or a long-haired brush for applying the lacquer. Use only tools with stainless steel or plastic parts. Clean tools well with water before drying. Dried product can be dissolved with acetone if necessary.

Spread Bamboo Topcoat in even strips or sections over the bamboo surface and try to avoid differences in layer thickness. It is important to apply Bamboo Topcoat full (first coat approx. 8 m² per liter, second coat 10-12 m² per liter). A full coat gives a better estimate, flows optimally and dries less quickly, allowing more time for rolling out and making wet-on-wet connections. With 3 coats you get a full protective paint system.

Drying times apply at 20°C, 65% humidity, mentioned consumption and sufficient ventilation. Lower temperature and/or higher humidity can greatly delay drying. Always wait before applying a subsequent coat until the previous coat is sufficiently dry to avoid defects. Do not cover a fresh coat with foil, stucloper, carpets or other covering for the first two weeks and do not clean with moisture during this period, but only dry.

Bamboo Topcoat is dust-dry after about 15 minutes, tack-free after about 30 minutes, thumb-proof after about 1 hour and repaintable after about 16 hours.

Do not use Bamboo Topcoat at temperatures below 10 °C, above 30 °C, and/or at a relative humidity of more than 85%. The temperature of the substrate should be at least 3 °C above the dew point. Shield direct sunlight if necessary. Provide adequate ventilation to remove water vapor during drying.


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Bamboo Benefits

With photosynthesis, bamboo extracts CO2 from the air and releases oxygen. Bamboo produces about 40% more oxygen than wood and absorbs up to 35% more CO2 than wood. That makes bamboo better for CO2 offsetting than wood.

More about Bamboo

Bamboo & Environment

The use of bamboo greatly reduces the greenhouse effect and climate change. Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent species of hardwood. This is due to its high growth rate and photosynthesis. Climate change has been an issue for several years, which is why bamboo could be included as a certified hardwood. Bamboo is also suitable for biomass production because it gives the second highest biomass on earth.

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