6x DIY inspiratie decoratie tak Java

6x DIY decoration sticks Java

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Using natural elements can bring more tranquility to your interior. You can see many wooden decorative branches and sticks, but of course you can do the same with bamboo. So if you want to bring nature into your home, you can use our decorative branch. We sell a decorative branch made of java bamboo. This one has a slight bend and tapers. The nodes are polished smooth, so it is perfect for decoration purposes. There are many ways to use this decorative branch. Get inspired on this blog and take a look at the Pinterest board. It was put together especially for this blog!

1. Decoration stick for photos

So there are many ways to bring more natural elements into your home. You can easily do this by cutting the java deco stick in half and using it as a base for hanging photos. Drill a hole in the end and pull a string through it. You can do this with our black Palm Rope, for example, which shows off the dark brown java well. Then attach a piece of string about 50 cm long every 10 cm. Just leave them hanging. Here you can then attach photos with a clip. If you go one step further, you can attach the other half of the stick at the bottom.

2. Lighting rod
You've probably seen them on our social networks: the Bamboo Sticks with hanging lights. This is a simple and stylish way of lighting. You often see them with the hanging bulbs, but at Christmas it is also very nice to wrap them with a garland of lights. On Pinterest, we've also seen people hanging trays with candles on them. Let your creativity run wild with these pretty (dining table) lights.

3. Bamboo coat rack
For example, the decorative branch is also great as a coat rack! A great place to display your special clothes. With this bamboo branch, your clothes hangers won't constantly get caught in the knots, because the decorative branch is completely smooth. However, the end is slightly bent, so we recommend cutting it a little shorter. Then, with a piece of string, you can hang it from the ceiling in no time. You can also add screw hooks to the decorative branch. Then you can keep the bend and your deco branch will look really natural.

4. Bamboo floor lamp

This craft, however, is a bit trickier and more for the advanced crafters among us. At the top you can attach a loose lampshade. Then you can easily thread a string through the bamboo. At the bottom you attach the bamboo to a base plate.  

5. It is certainly not uncommon to put some decorative sticks in a decorative pot, for example, in your living room. This can include green elements or just the sticks themselves. This will add color and a nice natural touch to the room.

6. Room divider with decorative sticks
If you want to take number 5 a step further, you can create a room divider. Fill an oblong container with pebbles and place the java bamboo sticks upright to create a beautiful, natural room divider.

If you're looking for more inspiration or photos to use as examples: check out our Pinterest! Hopefully you'll be inspired by these fun and easy DIYs and soon have a beautiful java bamboo pole in your interior too!