Imposante Bamboe Beursstand Blikvanger op Masters of LXRY

Imposing Bamboo Exhibition Stand Eye-catcher at Masters of LXRY

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For the fifteenth edition of Masters of LXRY at Amsterdam's RAI, the former Millionaire Fair, Bamboo Import was able to build a unique black bamboo booth. During the opening night on December 8, 2016, the response from the more than 7500 guests present was overwhelming!

Original design of the bamboo exhibition stand by Studio Robin Sluijzer

When we were asked by the organization to realize the design for "The Restaurant", we were immediately enthusiastic. It was an excellent opportunity for our company to introduce our bamboo products to a wide audience. Since bamboo is often associated exclusively with decorative applications, many people are not aware that bamboo is also a very strong and versatile building material.

Bamboo Import's construction team worked day and night for a week and a half to build and develop the stand. This was done by first pre-building the entire structure in our warehouse in Beverwijk.

Since this was a unique design, all bamboo construction poles were cut to size. For this, the Indonesian natural black bamboo species Gigantochloa atroviolacea was used, which is also standard in our assortment and better known as Java Dark.

The construction of the 18 x 14 m bamboo exhibition stand took less than 1 day. With great amazement, other stand builders regularly watched the rapid construction.

Expo Flora and CRAVT Original cooperated for the cladding, furnishing and decoration of the bamboo exhibition booth. .

The result was worth it!

“The Restaurant" was a resting place for the visitors, where they could also enjoy a good glass of wine and one of the many culinary delights served during this anniversary edition of the Masters of LXRY.

Located next to luxury brands such as Gassan Diamonds, Jaguar/Land Rover, Louwman Exclusive (McLaren, Lexus, Masserati, Morgan) and CRAVT Original, "The Restaurant" was one of the eye-catchers at the show.