Boost Theaterproducties: acrobatiek met bamboe

Boost Theater Productions: acrobatics with bamboo

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In the new show from
Boost Productions zwe see two acrobats build a vertical dream world in a circus-like act using up to 20 bamboo poles.

"Boost Productions is known for its beautiful visual circus theater and 'Interesting Mistakes' is no exception. This performance is once again a feast for the eyes and the brain." - Festival Circolo

The performance is an insanely challenging piece that constantly pushes the boundaries. There is a lot of climbing with our meter-long moss poles.

It shows how strong and versatile bamboo is. The power of bamboo brings strength to the theater. Bamboo brings the perfect combination of lightweight yet strong poles here.

Walking on Circus

Boost Productions has another show that uses bamboo. The show Walking on Circus was seen at the Beurs van Berlage as a Christmas circus.