22x Bamboe Overkappingen ter inspiratie

22x Bamboo canopies for inspiration

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Are you also thinking about building a bamboo canopy this summer? Then here we present you some great ideas for inspiration. All bamboo materials are available in our webshop.

Our mats are perfect for covering your canopy. For example, in combination with waterproof panels. This way you have atmosphere and your canopy is waterproof.


pergola can also bring a lot of atmosphere with a canopy and create a cozy place with shade.

With our palm thatch roofs, you can also build a waterproof roof for a cabana or gazebo, for example. Just make sure that the palm tach roofs overlap enough so that they can drain well.

As you can see, so much is possible with bamboo. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us. You can do that by phone, email or chat.