Met bamboe schepen naar Amerika

With bamboo ships to America: Admiral Zheng He's discoveries

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In the early 15th century, Admiral Zheng He, as advisor to the Chinese emperor, was given the special assignment of spreading the fame of the Ming dynasty throughout the rest of the world. Between 1405 and 1433, Zheng He undertook no less than seven major expeditions to virtually every known territory in the world. Interestingly, some historians believe the Chinese admiral even reached the Americas in 1421, a whopping 71 years before Christopher Columbus.

Zheng He's fleet consisted of about 250 ships, many of which were built of bamboo. Both masts and sails were made of this strong plant.

The most important vessels during the long voyages were the junks. Unlike the linen sails of European seaworthy ships, the sails of the junks were braided mats attached together to form a large sail.

Innovative features of bamboo

Bamboo sails had several advantages over European sails. First, hoisting or ironing the bamboo sails required much less manpower. The sail usually rolled up automatically when the crew pulled a rope.

In addition, a ship with bamboo sails offered more precise steering because the braided bamboo sails were stronger and more flexible than linen sails. The division of the sail also made life much easier for sailors. Unlike linen sails, bamboo sails rarely tore in bad weather. If damage did occur, the crew could easily and quickly replace the damaged or worn parts of the sail.

Bamboo is popular in today's design world

These innovative features of Chinese bamboo sails gave Zheng He's fleet unparalleled efficiency and reliability during their voyages of discovery. Using bamboo as a material offered distinct advantages in terms of durability and flexibility, allowing the Chinese sailors to adapt to different weather conditions. Today, we see the same qualities reflected in modern Bamboo Fence Rolls  for interiors. Indeed, Bamboo has emerged as a popular and durable material in today's design world.

Bamboo is often used today for 
Flooring, furniture and decorative elements in interiors. The material has a natural look and warm color, making it an attractive choice for design enthusiasts. In addition, bamboo is extremely strong and durable, similar to the strong bamboo sails that propelled Zheng He's ships.

Although there is still debate about the exact scope of Zheng He's expeditions and whether he actually reached the Americas, the history of bamboo sails sheds interesting light on the maritime ingenuity of ancient China. These discoveries illustrate the ability of Chinese shipbuilding to find innovative solutions and harness advanced technologies long before other maritime powers would adopt them.

Admiral Zheng He's voyages and his bamboo sails remain a fascinating chapter in the history of human discovery.