Blogs about Bamboo

In the below, you'll find the best examples of bamboo applied in beautiful gardens, constructions, interiors, DIY projects and much more.
DIY Bamboe Kledingrek
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DIY bamboo clothes rack

You see it more and more often: bamboo in the garden. But did you know that you can also use bamboo very well indoors? Check out this cool bamboo clothes rack! Since you can choose the color of th...
6x DIY inspiratie decoratie tak Java
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6x DIY decoration sticks Java

Using natural elements can bring more tranquility to your interior. You can see many wooden decorative branches and sticks, but of course you can do the same with bamboo. So if you want to bri...
DIY - Zelf Bamboe vogelhuisje maken
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DIY - make bamboo birdhouse yourself.

It is very easy to make a birdhouse from bamboo yourself. In this period, the weather becomes colder, and the birds need a shelter and a place to sleep. In the spring, you can use your bamboo bird...
DIY - Zelf een bamboe ladder kast maken
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DIY - Craft your own bamboo ladder cabinet.

Is your bathroom boring and you don't know how to beautify it? Or maybe you have a corner in your bedroom that you don't know what to do with? Do you have stuff you want to give a place to, but yo...
DIY - Zelf een Bamboe Schommel Maken
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DIY - make your own bamboo swing

With the right materials, it is possible to build a bamboo swing for the garden yourself. Of course, you need strong bamboo poles that can withstand quite a bit and easily bear the weight of child...
Bamboe Schutting Plaatsen in Houten Frame
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Bamboo fence in a wooden frame

Installation of a bamboo fence can be done in several ways. One way is to install bamboo screens or bamboo rende rolls in a wooden frame. Installing a wooden frame around your bamboo fence not onl...
Bamboe Schutting Plaatsen met Beugels
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Installing a bamboo fence with brackets

For our Giant bamboo fences, we recommend installing a bamboo fence with brackets. Bamboo Fences Giant are beautiful and sturdy, and because of their weight, they require professional installation...
Terras Aanleggen - Bamboe Vlonder Maken
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Building a terrace - Bamboo decking

Build your own deck with bamboo decking boards? In this manual we show you how to make a professional decking in 6 steps. With our automatic calculation tool you can easily calculate the required ...
Hoe bouw je een bamboe prieel?
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How do you build a bamboo arbor?

There is so much beauty to make with bamboo. With a bamboo kit is also a bamboo arbor building quite easy. This particular kit we unfortunately no longer have in our range. Nevertheless, it is ver...
DIY inspiratie: Bamboe picknicktafel voor Eigen Huis en Tuin
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DIY inspiration: Bamboo picnic table for Own Home and Garden

Last Saturday, January 7, 2017, our bamboo materials were featured in the RTL 4 program Eigen Huis & Tuin. In it Dennis Weening was shown trying to build a picnic table out of bamboo.Dennis Weenin...
Hoe Bouw je een Bamboe Pergola
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How to build a bamboo pergola?

Thinking about building a bamboo pergola for your garden or patio this year? With our affordable bamboo pergola kit, this is a piece of cake. To start, take the bamboo poles out of the package and...