DIY - Zelf een bamboe ladder kast maken

DIY - Craft your own bamboo ladder cabinet.

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Is your bathroom boring and you don't know how to beautify it? Or maybe you have a corner in your bedroom that you don't know what to do with? Do you have stuff you want to give a place to, but you can't knock anything into the wall? Then this bamboo ladder cabinet may be for you.

A bamboo ladder cabinet is very practical and looks pretty. However, this DIY is a bit more complicated than our normal DIYs. That's because it uses some complicated knotting techniques. You can read more about knotting techniques and bamboo knots in in this blog.


    Step 1. Cutting to size

    Saw all the pieces to the right size. Use two 50 cm pieces and two 40 cm pieces for the horizontal parts. We built a ladder cabinet with five steps. Then you end up needing 10 pieces of 50 cm and 10 pieces of 40 cm.

    We sawed off the two java poles to 180 cm. This is a matter of preference. You can see for yourself how high your ceiling is and how you want to arrange them accordingly. Remember that the ladder cabinet will be somewhat perpendicular to the wall, so it won't be quite as high as the posts are long.

    Step 2. Tie the steps (or boards) together.

    Now it's time to tie the steps together. For each step (or board), use two 50 cm pieces and two 40 cm pieces. Knot these together with the longest pieces in the middle. The gap between the two 50 cm pieces is the place for the poles.

    Connect the poles with the hand rope at both ends using a weaving knot technique. As you do this, go back and forth between the poles, weaving from top to bottom. Repeat this process for all five steps.

    Step 3. Treat the bamboo

    When making a bamboo ladder cabinet, there is no one type of bamboo that is suitable for both parts. We don't have such thick Nigra for the posts and such thin Java for the steps (or boards). So we use a combination of both. However, there is a problem here: there is a color difference between the two types of bamboo (blog color difference). Therefore, we decided to use Black Bamboo Renovator to bring the two types of bamboo closer in color. It is important to treat the bamboo with the Renovator before applying it. Apply the Black Bamboo Renovator with a brush. Allow the bamboo to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

    Step 4. attaching the steps to the posts

    Now all the individual pieces really become one unit. We attach the boards about 30 cm apart. When attaching, the pole comes between the two longer poles and you tie it back with palm rope. For the techniques used, see this blog. deze blog. 

    Now the ladder is ready. Place it diagonally against a wall and decorate it with beautiful plants and candles. Possibly a good book or some incense, for example.

    Did you manage to knot everything properly? Share your experience with us on social media!