Palm thatch on bamboo slats is what you need for roofing over canopies, pergolas and parasols.



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Strodaken van Palmbladeren 70x200cm - Product shot3 Straw Roofs of Palm Leaves
Straw Roofs of Palm Leaves
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Do you also love that cosy, exotic atmosphere? Then our palm thatch roofs are just what you need for roofing pergolas and covering parasols.

Palm thatch on slats is also a great alternative for covering walls at events and festivals, or for building a tropical bar. Because palm thatch on bamboo slats are easy to shorten, you have a lot of possibilities.

Bamboo Import palm thatch on slats are made from dried palm leaves and are therefore 100% natural. During the production, the palm leaves are boiled and dried in the sun before they are mounted on the bamboo slats. If you want to use a palm roof inside, we advise you to impregnate it for fire resistance.




Bamboo is one of the most underrated raw materials. Bamboo is sustainable, renewable, grows relatively quickly and its natural beauty makes it unique.


Bamboo is as strong as steel and has greater tensile strength. This is due to the hard surface and parallel fiber bundles of the bamboo stalks that are close together.


Bamboo has the advantage of being super elastic. It is so flexible that it returns to the starting position every time and does not deform after bending.


Thanks to its high stability, bamboo easily lasts a lifetime. Hence, bamboo is increasingly used in public spaces, construction and as decking/terrace boards and fences.

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To cover a roof properly, Straw Roofs are laid on stick on top of each other at small intervals. Here you always start at the bottom and work upward.

For a waterproof roof, we use straw roofs every 10 to 15 cm. To measure the spacing, look at the slats used to fasten the straw roof on stick together. If the straw roof drains properly, water will not stay on it and straw roofs will stay beautiful and last longer.

Decoratively covering the roof of your shed, your pergola and other surfaces with straw roofing is also possible. For decorative cladding, we recommend laying a straw roof about 20 to 30 cm apart, this will achieve a nice full result. Straw roofs can be secured with tie-wraps or small nails.

A straw roof is easy to customize. In width, the bamboo lath can be cut to the desired size with our Japanese saw. Lengthwise, the palm leaves can be cut with scissors.