Welke schutting past bij jou?

Which fence suits you?

If you are going to install a new fence, there is a wide range to choose from these days. Then you can't see the forest for the trees. That's why we list the pros and cons of all types of fences for you.

Reed or Willow Mat
A reed or willow mat is an inexpensive option as a fence. These mats are strung together by steel wires. Because it is a mat, it is not very sturdy by itself. Therefore, it is best to attach it against an existing fence or mesh panel . The steel wire will rust over time. But because the mats are so inexpensive, it is a nice, budget-friendly alternative to still bring more natural ambiance to your garden.

Hedge or natural fence
A hedge is beautiful in a natural garden. It is a type of fence that is perfect for creating more privacy without feeling like you are between 4 walls. A hedge does not have to be expensive but it does require a lot of maintenance. This means a lot of time goes into pruning and watering the hedge. After all, it is a living fence. Another disadvantage is that a hedge can attract unwanted visitors.

Composite is a type of compressed plastic. It is a substance that will not oxidize or rust. Therefore, it is super low-maintenance. So it will stay good forever. Because it is essentially a plastic, out of this list it does have the worst environmental impact. However, composite does come in almost any color. In addition, it is also available in any shape because it is not a natural product.

Bamboo fences give a lot of atmosphere and a summery look. But it is also super durable and good for the environment. Thanks to the versatility of bamboo, these fences are also available in many varieties. The disadvantage of bamboo is that if it is outside it will gray. This requires treatment if color retention is important to you. Furthermore, bamboo can crack in hot weather. Just like wood, which expands in warm weather.

Stone fence
You can also choose to have a brick fence. Then you have a beautiful stone wall as a fence. It is super sturdy and always stays in place. Generally, a stone wall will also not discolor. Importantly, a wall is the most expensive option on this list. This is why people usually choose één wall as a garden fence when they go for a wall. For atmosphere, people then often complement this with more natural fences. Of course, you can also look at combining half a wall with another fence above it, as done in the photo with a bamboo fence.

In conclusion
There is something to be said for every fence. All fences have advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately it is up to you to choose what suits you best. Environmental, maintenance and price are important considerations here , but so is taste. Of course, you want it all to fit nicely into your garden. For free advice on bamboo, reed, willow or heather mats you can always send a message to our customer service.

Fence missed? If you have suggestions for fences that are not on this list, please let us know.