Woontrends 2021: Natuurlijke stijl

Living trends 2021: Natural style

It's almost January and the new home trends for 2021 are mushrooming. One material that has made great strides in recent years and fits well with the trends for 2021 is bamboo. Bamboo has long been in demand for botanical or natural interiors, but in 2021 bamboo is going even further.

Bamboo is a versatile material. Almost anything can be made from bamboo, from medicine to biofuel, from edible bamboo shoots to clothing to building materials. There are more than 50,000 products made from bamboo. Demand for bamboo is increasing worldwide as the trend in recent years has been toward sustainability and naturalness. However, bamboo is not a given, because in addition to natural home styles such as Scandinavian and botanical, bamboo fits every style of home thanks to its different shapes and possibilities. As a modern fence, bamboo can provide atmosphere and natural character, but it also works wonderfully as a kitchen countertop.

Bamboo is not only simple and versatile, but also good for the environment. Bamboo is an inexhaustible grass species that can be harvested five times faster than trees. Bamboo also absorbs 35% more CO2 than wood. Based on these statistics alone, combined with the ever-increasing demand for sustainability, bamboo is a huge success. But for 2021, the demand for bamboo goes beyond its durability and versatility.

As mentioned earlier, sustainability is becoming more and more important in the world, and sustainability and design are also coming together in the interior design industry. This is evident in the use of recycled materials, as well as the increasing focus on environmentally neutral building materials like bamboo. So the biggest home trend for 2021 is the natural look. This trend can be seen in the increasingly popular Scandinavian style, where wood, dried flowers and neutral colors play the main role. In addition, it is noticeable that even in the hard industrial style bamboo is increasingly used as a small addition. Therefore, it is expected that in 2021, more and more interior and exterior bamboo will return to interior architecture and design. These natural elements will give your home exactly the atmosphere and warmth that we need in 2021.