Onze rietproductie in China

Our cane production in China

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We source our products from many parts of the world. Our reed products come from China. We get our reed mats and reed blinds from there. We often get messages from our suppliers showing how the products are made. Now we have received such beautiful pictures that we would like to share them with you.

Reed is harvested annually, cutting it off and allowing a new trunk to grow. Reeds usually grow to a maximum height of 6 meters. The cut reed is then dried and processed into the products. So here you can see the process from harvesting the reeds to assembling the mats. Then everything is loaded onto a boat to come here by sea freight. So then we have the product here in our warehouse.

You can see a video of the production here on Instagram.

At Bamboo Import we sell a variety of reed products. A budget-friendly solution for shade and privacy.