Nieuw: Bamboe Akoestische Wandpanelen op Vilt

New: Bamboo Acoustic Wall Panels on Felt

First of all, we want to wish you a healthy and happy New Year filled with peace, prosperity and well-being. We hope that 2024 will be a year filled with special moments and successful experiences. Now we would like to inform you of a stylish addition to our range: the Bamboo Acoustic Wall Panels on Felt. These panels not only combine visual splendor with exceptional sound absorbing properties, but also contribute to a peaceful and tranquil environment in any interior.

Bamboo Acoustic Wall Panels | sound absorbing
Our Bamboo Acoustic Wall Panel on Felt is not only pleasing to the eye, but also a powerful sound reduction solution. Made of high quality felt, the back of the panel acts as an additional sound absorbing layer, eliminating unwanted echoes, reverberation and distortions. Whether you want to enhance your living space, store or office, this panel fits seamlessly into any interior style, from traditional to modern, thanks to its unique bamboo pattern and texture. With its unique bamboo pattern, our Bamboo Acoustic Wall Panel on Felt adds a natural and organic look to any interior.

Easy Installation
Don't worry about complicated installation processes. Our acoustic bamboo panels come prefabricated, ensuring hassle-free installation on any wall surface. Enjoy improved acoustics without the hassle!

Acoustic wall panels perforated? Bamboo Import
And that's not all. We also have Perforated acoustic wall panels in a variety of designs. Take our Bamboo Perforated Wall Panel on Felt, for example. Made from superior quality bamboo, this panel not only offers impeccable acoustic performance but also exudes natural warmth and elegance. In terms of style, this wall panel will never go unnoticed. Its lightly textured surface and intricate perforated pattern create a unique visual appeal that harmonizes with a variety of interior styles - from modern minimalist to rustic.

Our bamboo panels are not only an aesthetic choice but also a sustainable choice. Bamboo is known for its great strength, longevity and sound absorbing qualities.

Personal advice
Want to know more about our different products or need help making the right choice? Our friendly bamboo specialists are always ready to assist you. You can even request a personalized quote at

Check out all acoustic panels from our collection.

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