DIY - Zelf een Bamboe Schommel Maken

DIY - make your own bamboo swing

With the right materials, it is possible to build a bamboo swing for the garden yourself. Of course, you need strong bamboo poles that can withstand quite a bit and easily bear the weight of children playing. Only one type of bamboo is suitable for this type of structural application: Guadua Bamboe. Tie the joints once again with a manilla rope, and you have a swing that stands like a house.

Attention. We have built and tested this swing ourselves, if you reproduce it, you will be liable for any damage or injury.


3 Different Options

The bamboo swing can be built in 3 different configurations as shown in the pictures below:

  1. Single swing (2 meters wide)
  2. Double swing (3 meters wide)
  3. Single swing with climbing rope (3 meters wide)

* Never build the swing wider than 3 meters!

Tools needed

To build a bamboo swing, you will need the following tools:

  • Measuring tape
  • Bamboo drill bit 10 mm
  • Pencil
  • 2 wrenches size 17
  • Hammer
  • Cordless drill

    Materials needed

    The materials needed to build a bamboo swing and their number depend on the type of swing you want to build, but below you will always find the materials needed (see the figure for the exact number):

    Step 1

    For two Guadua bamboo poles with diameter 9-11 x 300 cm, measure a distance of 42 centimeters and mark this distance with a pencil.

    Step 2

    Drill a 10 mm hole through the entire bamboo pole at the marked location.

    Step 3

    Connect both bamboo posts with M10 thread and secure them with washers and nuts.

    Step 4

    Slide the attached bamboo posts slightly apart and measure 75 centimeters from the other side. Drill a 10 mm hole through the entire post in each bamboo post.

    Step 5

    Now take the Guadua bamboo poles with a diameter of 9-11 x 200 cm and measure 25 cm from each side. Again, drill 10 mm holes through the entire bamboo pole.

    Step 6

    Attach the 9-11 x 200 centimeter diameter Guadua bamboo poles to the 9-11 x 300 centimeter diameter Guadua bamboo poles using M10 x 250 mm bolts, washers and nuts.


    Step 7

    For the top guadua beam with diameter 9-11, measure 16 centimeters on each side and drill 10-mm holes in the post. The length of the upper bamboo beam is 200 or 300 centimeters, depending on which swing you want to build.

    Step 8

    Attach the swing hooks to the top Guadua bamboo beam.

    Step 9

    Attach the top bamboo beam to the A-frames you made earlier using M10 x 250 mm screws, washers and nuts.

    Step 10

    Attach the bamboo struts with a diameter of 7-9 x 100 cm to the corners of the swing structure with screws M10, washers and nuts.

    Step 11

    Screw the swing hooks into the upper bamboo beam.

    Step 12

    Choose a spacious spot in your yard so the swing has enough room to move back and forth. Then screw a ground anchor into the ground at the end of each bamboo post and secure it to the bamboo post with M10 bolts, washers and nuts.

    Step 13

    Carefully check the stability of the bamboo swing and, if necessary, close all joints with manila rope to strengthen them.

    Attention. We have built and tested this swing ourselves. If you want to rebuild it, you are liable for any damage or injury.