Tropische Bamboe Tuin - Floriade 2012

Tropical Bamboo Garden - Floriade 2012

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For Floriade 2012 we had the privilege to supply and build unique bamboo structures for a tropical bamboo garden in the Tropical Eden greenhouse. Floriade is an international horticultural exhibition of flowers and plants held every 10 years in the Netherlands.

The 2012 Floriade World Horticultural Exhibition was held in the center of Venlo, where five themed areas had been set up on a total area of 66 hectares. One of these themed areas was "tropical treasures," which provided a perfect environment for promoting bamboo, both as a plant and as a sustainable building material.

Inside the tropical greenhouse, a 140-meter-long path had been created to guide visitors through an exotic jungle. During the six-month exhibition (from April to October), more than 2 million visitors from all over the world visited Floriade 2012.