Bamboe Plaatmateriaal Onderhouden en Beschermen

Care and protection of Bamboo Panels

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Bamboe plaatmateriaal are excellent for making e.g. desks, tables or cabinets. However, untreated panels are very sensitive to stains. Therefore, we always recommend to use our Bamboo Topcoat. This varnish protects the Bamboo Topcoat. This varnish protects the Bamboo Panel and makes the colors shine. In addition, it gives a luxurious look. In this blog, we will show the benefits of Bamboo Topcoat in a test. We poured some lemonade on a treated and an untreated panel. So you can see how the Bamboo Panel, treated and untreated, reacts to moisture. Above you can clearly see how the varnish optimizes the color of the panel.

It was noticeable that on the untreated panel, the lemonade soaked right into the bamboo. On the treated plate, it stayed on the surface, and you could easily wipe it off with a cloth or sponge. Untreated on top, treated on bottom

When cleaning the untreated panel, by trying to wipe the lemonade away, we just created more stains over a larger area. We then let the Bamboo Panel dry to take photos of the final result.

The picture above shows clearly how the varnish works in terms of protection. Here, 3 coats of Bamboo Topcoat were used. Between the individual coats, the topcoat must dry for about 16 hours. More sample material was used for the test. You can request samples of the different panels we sell. This can help you if you are not sure which panel to buy. In addition to our Bamboo Panels, we also have samples of our Bamboo Beams and Bamboo decking Boards. You can request a sample at or through our contact page. .

We have a video on Instagram where you can see how the test was done.