DIY Bamboe Kledingrek

DIY bamboo clothes rack

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You see it more and more often: bamboo in the garden. But did you know that you can also use bamboo very well indoors? Check out this cool bamboo clothes rack!

Since you can choose the color of the rods and the rope, this clothes rack fits perfectly into any interior. The choice of rooms is also great. For example, it fits super in the bedroom, bathroom or hallway. Whether you want to hang your clothes, coat or towel, with this DIY project is always possible.

You can easily make it yourself, with only a few materials, namely:

  • A bamboo stick about 150 cm long.
  • 2 pieces of sturdy rope (especially for those who have a large closet)
  • Hangers to fit around the rod (please measure)
  • Hooks to attach to the ceiling (check carefully which hooks are suitable for your ceiling).

Attach the hooks to the ceiling and attach the rope to them. Make sure that both ropes are the same length. When all this is done, you can attach the rope to both sides of the bamboo stick.

Now you can hang the hangers and accessories on the rack. Check the strength of the rope yourself to see how many items you can hang on the rack.

Now you are ready. Enjoy the final result and your new clothes rack!

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