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Bamboo Decking Nano
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Bamboo Decking Nano

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Color:Dark brown

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The Bamboo Decking Board Nano has a beautiful, brown color. This not only makes your decking environmentally friendly, but also gives it a natural look. The Bamboo Decking Board Nano is a high-density solid bamboo board made from compressed bamboo fibers. The Bamboo Decking Board Nano is one of the strongest, hardest and most durable materials on the market. With our decking boards you can create the perfect space for relaxation outdoors, in the garden or on the roof terrace.

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Unique to these bamboo decking boards is the combination of the head tongue, the choice of two different surfaces and the H-profile. A head tongue can only be made with very stable materials and allows connection of an unlimited number of boards lengthwise. In addition, this decking board offers the possibility to choose between the grooved or the flat surface. Finally, the H-profile on the side allows quick installation with our fasteners.

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    Bamboo Benefits

    With photosynthesis, bamboo extracts CO2 from the air and releases oxygen. Bamboo produces about 40% more oxygen than wood and absorbs up to 35% more CO2 than wood. That makes bamboo better for CO2 offsetting than wood.

    More about Bamboo

    Bamboo & Environment

    The use of bamboo greatly reduces the greenhouse effect and climate change. Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent species of hardwood. This is due to its high growth rate and photosynthesis. Climate change has been an issue for several years, which is why bamboo could be included as a certified hardwood. Bamboo is also suitable for biomass production because it gives the second highest biomass on earth.

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