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All about bamboo, bamboo species and bamboo inspiration

All about bamboo

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Bamboo Durability

Bamboo is known as an incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly product. But why is bamboo environmentally friendly? Bamboo grows enormously [...].

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The many possibilities of Bamboo Charcoal

Activated charcoal is used for many purposes. For example, we have activated charcoal made from bamboo. Although it is a [...]

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The Bamboo Flute: characteristic of culture

People like to make music: in traditional ceremonies, or just for the atmosphere and fun. This has been happening for thousands of [...]

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Growth and formation of bamboo poles

An earlier blog explained the difference in colours and hardness of different types of bamboo, but what [...].

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Bamboo board material Maintenance and protection

Bamboo board material is extremely suitable for making, for example, a desk, table or cabinet. However, untreated board material is very [...]

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Natural colour variation in bamboo

Bamboo comes in all colours and sizes. The bamboo we sell is therefore really the colour of the [...].

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Gregarious flowering: the rare flowering of bamboo

Maybe you know those stories about the Giant Arum? This plant rarely flowers, just like the agave plant. [...]

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Bamboo salt: the magic salt from Korea

Everyone uses salt in the kitchen. Or maybe you use bath salts. But have you [...]

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Product innovation through Bamboo

At the beginning of March, we were approached by a student who was working on his Master's degree in Industrial Design at the [...].

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International Panda Day

Today is International Panda Day. A good excuse to have a look at the [...]

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Bamboo Terrace Cleaning and Maintenance

Bamboo is a strong woody grass that is ideal for making hard decking and terrace boards. A bamboo [...]

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The Mechanical Properties of Bamboo

What are the mechanical properties of bamboo? It is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by architects, engineers [...].

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How is Bamboo Composite made?

Bamboo is a renewable raw material that has become one of the most important alternatives in recent years.

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How is Bamboo board material made?

Bamboo is a renewable raw material that has become one of the most important alternatives in recent years.

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Interesting Bamboo Facts

Incredible stories circulate about bamboo, but is it all true what they say about this [...].

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1000 Bamboo products

What products are made from bamboo? Customers often ask us about the different uses of bamboo, but [...]

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Bamboo Properties and Maintenance

Bamboo is very durable; correct use, treatment and maintenance can ensure that bamboo lasts a very [...].

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