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25 / 03 / 2022

Home trends:

Privacy Screens

Spring is just around the corner and we all want to be outside again. This often makes it itchy to look at the (re)design of your garden or balcony. If we look at home and garden trends, we see that there is a lot of attention for privacy and creating a private place. If we can't go on holiday, we'll bring that holiday feeling to our own home!

An example where this can be seen is in the item from 'Eigen Huis en Tuin' where a roof terrace has been completely transformed with much more privacy and atmosphere. The use of screens and a (small) pergola make a big difference. You can also see it in this item from 'Own House and Garden' Where a tighter, businesslike look has been chosen. Combining this with plants gives you the natural feel of a garden.

Balcony screens turn your balcony into a super nice place to enjoy the first (or last) rays of the sun. The screens provide plenty of privacy, without people watching from the street, another balcony or a garden. A place that is all yours. Also take a look at the Bamboo mats on a roll. These are available from a height of 100 cm. Perfect for use on a smaller balcony to limit the view from below. It also looks great combined with some plants and keeps it natural. Top it off with bamboo or wicker curtains which can then provide sun protection when needed.

The bamboo screens For your balcony, you can combine well with natural materials and colours, among other things. Go for a bamboo balcony screen combined with wooden garden furniture, such as a lounge sofa or a tree trunk table, complemented with different types of plants. For accessories, choose planters made of natural stone or wood, small, colourful lamps and a beautiful, water-resistant rug. This way, you can create a real oasis of calm and turn your balcony into a cosy, private place in the blink of an eye.  

Our bamboo or reed balcony screens create a cosy, natural atmosphere. You can easily isolate yourself from the outside world and take a relaxing moment for yourself. With bamboo you also choose for a sustainable solution that is also very affordable. In the current garden trends, we see many combinations of natural and black furniture. With our black bamboo, there is always a beautiful combination to make.

Check our Pinterest for more inspiration!

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