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21 / 04 / 2021

Which fence

fits you?

If you want to install a new fence, you can choose from a wide range these days. It can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. That is why we have listed the pros and cons of all types of fences for you.

Reed or willow mat

reed mat or willow mat is an inexpensive option for a fence. These mats are strung together with steel wires. Because it is a mat, it is not very sturdy on its own. Therefore, it is best to place it against an existing fence or a mesh panel attach. The steel wire will rust over time. But because the mats are so inexpensive, it is a nice, budget-friendly alternative to bring more natural atmosphere into your garden.

Hedges or natural fences

A hedge is beautiful in a natural garden. It is a type of fence that is perfect for creating more privacy without feeling like you are sitting between 4 walls. A hedge does not have to be expensive but it does require a lot of maintenance. This means that a lot of time is spent pruning and watering the hedge. After all, it is a living fence. Another disadvantage is that a hedge can attract unwanted visitors.

Heather mat

The heathat, also called erica mat, is super eco-friendly as no chemicals are used. In addition, they are also beautifully sight-proof. Ideal for use as a decorative fence. Climbing ivy or hedera also do well on the willow mat. Due to the natural structure of the mat, climbing plants adhere excellently and grow at a nice regular rate. These mats can be attached to a mesh panel or an existing fence.

(Hard)Wooden fences

Wooden fences are perhaps the most well-known and widely used as fence pieces. Wood is versatile in use and you can make anything you want with it. However, a wooden fence does not only have advantages. Wood will age over time. Not only that: wood can also split. Wood is unfortunately not very sustainable when we consider the deforestation that goes with it. But in the end, (hard) wood is a beautiful material to build a fence from because of its versatility.


Composite is a kind of compressed plastic. It is a substance that will not oxidise or rust. That is why it is super easy to maintain. So it always remains good. Because it is essentially a synthetic material, it is the worst for the environment from this list. However, composite is available in almost every colour. It is also available in any shape because it is not a natural product.


Bamboo fences give a lot of atmosphere and a summery look. But it is also super durable and good for the environment. Thanks to the versatility of bamboo, these fences are also available in many varieties. The disadvantage of bamboo is that if it is placed outside, it will turn grey. This requires treatment if colour retention is important to you. Furthermore, bamboo can go cracks in warm weather. In fact, just like wood, which expands in warm weather.

Stone fence

You can also choose to have a fence built. Then you have a beautiful stone wall as fence. It is super sturdy and will always stand up well. In general, a stone wall will not discolour. It is important to note that a wall is the most expensive option on this list. That is why when people go for a wall, they usually opt for one wall as garden fencing. To add to the atmosphere, people often supplement this with more natural fences. Of course, you can also look at combining half a wall with another fence above it, as done in the photo with a bamboo fence.

In conclusion

There is something to be said for every fence. All fences have advantages and disadvantages and ultimately it is up to you to choose what suits you best. Here are environmentMaintenance and price are important considerations, but so is taste. Of course, you want it to fit nicely into your garden. For free advice on bamboo, reed, willow or heather mats, you can always send a message to our customer service.

Missed a fence? If you have suggestions for fences that are not on this list, please let us know.

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