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12 / 07 / 2018

Hanging a roller blind

in 12 Steps

How to hang a roller blind? With our special hanging system and this step-by-step plan, you can install a bamboo roller blind yourself. Our blinds can be used both indoors and outdoors and the installation is quick and easy. You can also make a bamboo roller blind to measure by shortening the bamboo slats with our Japanese saw.


Tape measure



Japanese saw

Step 1

Cut the 4 mm cotton twine from the suspension system supplied to the following dimensions:

  • For a bamboo roller blind of 200 x 200 cm = 1 piece of 5 metres and 1 piece of 6,5 meter
  • For a bamboo roller blind of 150 x 200 cm = 1 piece of 5 metres and 1 piece of 6 meter
  • For a bamboo roller blind of 100 x 200 cm = 1 piece of 5 metres and 1 piece of 5,5 meter
Hang a roller blind 1
Hang a roller blind 2

Step 2

Take the shortest rope and tie the end to the top broad bamboo batten 20 cm from the side. Tie the rope to the front of the bamboo lath (convex side).

Please note! The side where you tie the shortest rope will be the side of the control and the frog!

Do the same for the long rope but 20 cm from the other side.

Step 3

Fix the wide bamboo slat of the roller blind to a frame or beam. This can be done with screws, tie-wraps or steel wire.

Please note! When using screws, pre-drill the bamboo slat first to avoid cracks.

Hang a roller blind 3
Hang a roller blind 4

Step 4

Let the bamboo blind and the drawstrings hang down completely.

Step 5

Now take a pulley and screw it into the frame. Do this on the back of the bamboo blind and 20 cm from the side so that it is in exactly the same position as the rope you had previously tied at the front of the batten.

Hanging a roller blind 5

Step 6

Attach the second pulley as described in step 5 but 20 cm from the other side.

Step 7

Now take the longest rope lying on the ground and put the end through the first pulley.

Step 8

Then pass the rope through the second pulley.

Step 9

Take the shortest rope and put it through the second pulley (where the longer rope comes out).

Step 10

Now take hold of both ends of the strings and pull until both strings are nicely taut. Then tie the ends of the two strings together.

Step 11

Pull the twine and your blind will be rolled up nice and parallel!

Hanging a roller blind 12
Hanging a blind in 12 Steps 17

Finally, screw the plastic frog to the wall so that you can attach the ropes there and block the blind at the desired height.

This way, the roller blind is completely finished!

Hanging a roller blind 13
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