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11 / 03 / 2016

How to build a

Bamboo Pergola

Are you thinking of building a bamboo pergola for your garden or terrace this year? With our affordable bamboo pergola construction kit this is a piece of cake.

First of all, take the bamboo poles out of their packaging and sort them by length and diameter. The uprights, supports and beams have different dimensions and are arranged as follows...

Each bamboo pergola construction kit of 3 x 4 m includes:

  • 5x ø 5-7 300cm beams
  • 4x ø 8-9 300cm carriers
  • 4x ø 8-9 400cm carriers
  • 4x ø 9-10 300cm uprights

Step 1.

Find the right location for your bamboo pergola and preferably choose a flat free space of 4 x 3 metres. Determine where you are going to place the bamboo posts and provide 3 and 4 meter distance between the posts (outside measurements).

Lay two of the 3 metre long 9-10 cm diameter bamboo poles parallel to the ground, and 4 m (outside dimension) apart. Make sure that the thickest side of the bamboo poles points downwards, these will form the base of the bamboo pergola and stand on the ground.

how to build a bamboo pergola 1
How to build a Bamboo Pergola 10

Step 2.

Place the 4 m long 6-8 cm diameter bamboo supports under the bamboo uprights lying on the ground. Then measure 12 cm from the top of the uprights and drill a 10 mm hole through the upright and the support. Secure the bamboo poles with the M8 x 200 mm bolts supplied.

Repeat the same steps for the other side of the pergola and tighten the bolts. Make sure that you do not tighten the bolts too much to avoid damaging the bamboo poles.

Check that all connections are firmly in place and then put the two sides of the pergola upright.

how to build a bamboo pergola 2
How to build a Bamboo Pergola 11

Step 3.

Now that the two longest sides of the bamboo pergola are upright, you can attach the other 6-8 cm diameter bamboo supports of 3 m length. Put the 3 m support on top of the 4 m support to connect the two sides of the bamboo pergola. Attach the supports in the same way as described in step 2.

After securing all supports, the bamboo pergola should be able to stand on its own.

how to build a bamboo pergola 3
How to build a Bamboo Pergola 12

Step 4.

Place the 3 m long bamboo beams of 3-5 cm diameter on top of the supports and fasten them with the supplied M8 x 180 mm bolts and nuts. The distance between the beams is 60 cm (centre to centre). Mark the first drill hole in the middle of the beams (exactly at 2 m) and then measure twice 60 cm to the left and to the right. This way you have 5 markings per girder where you can drill the 10 mm holes.

how to build a bamboo pergola 4
How to build a Bamboo Pergola 13

Step 5.

Once the bamboo pergola construction kit is put together, you can optionally still choose to all connection with black palm rope The bamboo pergola can be tied off to hide the bolts. For the ultimate tropical experience, you can finish the bamboo pergola with a beautiful straw roof.

how to build a bamboo pergola 5
How to build a Bamboo Pergola 14

NEW! Order our specially developed universal bamboo pole holders for anchoring bamboo pergolas.

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