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12 / 05 / 2021


- Make your own bamboo wind chime

A wind chime or wind organ brings a lot of atmosphere to the terrace or balcony. In the past, they were mainly used to chase away evil spirits, but nowadays they are mainly used for decoration and atmosphere. It is believed that the sound of a wind chime promotes "Qi". A wind chime is quite easy to make yourself. How? We explain it in this DIY blog!


Half round Tali bamboo pole

 3x Moso Ø 3-4 100cm

2.5m thin flax rope 


bamboo drill 8mm

Japanese saw

Scissors + pencil + ruler

abrasive paper

photo requirements
DIY - Making your own bamboo wind chime 12

For this blog we have used natural bamboo, for a darker variant you can use a Nigra Ø 3-4 300cm stick. 

Get going!

Step 1. Measuring and cutting to size

Measure 2x 36cm, 2x 32, 2x 28 and 2x 24 centimetres on the poles. In this way you will get 2x 4 poles of varying lengths. Of course, you could also go for longer poles, but that is entirely up to you. Saw these to the right length. Use sandpaper to prevent splinters.

Photo step 1
DIY - Making your own bamboo wind chime 13

Step 2. Make a notch for the best sound.

Take about 1/4e part, or about 7 centimetres at the bottom. Make a diagonal cut here and saw until you are approximately halfway through the thickness of the stick. Draw the extension where it should end and then saw from the end back to the notch. If you are close to a node, it is best to remove it. Do this for all the sticks. Finish your sticks by smoothing them out with the sandpaper. Keep the sawn off piece, you will need it later.

Photo step 2
DIY - Making your own bamboo wind chime 14

Steps 3 and 4. Drill holes for the rope

Use a drill to make a hole on the left and right side of the stick at the top. Make 5 holes on the sides of the half shell. Then also make two holes on the outside of the top and two holes next to each other in the middle of the top. Use sandpaper to finish them off smoothly.

Photo step 3 and 4
DIY - Making your own bamboo wind chime 15

Step 5. Making a gong in the middle

Now choose one of the half pieces that you have just sawed off. This one will hang in the middle as a gong. Drill a hole in it and tie a string of about 40 cm to it. Fasten the rope through the two middle holes.

Photo step 5
DIY - Making your own bamboo wind chime 16

Step 6 and 7. Thread the poles onto the shell.

Start by threading the poles. Lay them all down and sort by size. Start by making a knot at the outermost hole. Then pull the string through the pole and hang it at the desired height. It is nice to do this about 10 centimetres below the bowl. Then you pull the rope through the next hole again and make a knot so it stays at the right height. Then you continue with the next post and finish it off this way.

Photo step 6 and 7
DIY - Making your own bamboo wind chime 17

Do the same for the other side.

Step 8. Suspension system

Take about 30 centimetres of rope and attach it to the inside of the bowl at the two outer holes.


Now you can hang the wind chime outside and enjoy the soothing sound it makes. Will you show us your results when you make it? 

photo end
DIY - Making your own bamboo wind chime 18
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