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18 / 08 / 2021

DIY - Making your own bamboo pallet bench

- Make your own bamboo pallet bench

You see it more and more often in recent years: the pallet bench. A pallet bench is a lounge sofa that you can easily make yourself from old pallets. These days, pallet benches are so popular that you can even buy ready-made ones. With just three pallets you can make a pallet bench, just with europallets. You can buy new ones, but that is often quite expensive. You can also buy or use used europallets. These often cost no more than two pennies. With such a pallet bench you often buy ready-made pallet cushions and you have a nice bench for little money.

An ordinary pallet bench is often beautiful, but does not have a pronounced design. You can easily personalise this by attaching a bamboo mat to it. A bamboo mat also gives more comfort than a flat pallet bench. You can choose which bamboo mat you use for this DIY. We used the budget mat, but you can also use a deluxe mat or a regular bamboo mat on a roll. However, we do not recommend using the half-round and split mats. These often do not look good on the pallet bench because they are not round. The tonkin mats and reed mats are simply too small in diameter to give a good result.


- 3 pallets

-      Bamboo mat on roll

-      Wire staples

-      Screws & drill

pallet bench 1

Step 1. Collecting pallets

Collect 3 pallets for the pallet bench. We have used 3 old europallets for this. We have dusted them off and repaired them where necessary. 

Step 2. Creating a pallet bank

Screw two of the three pallet benches straight together. Do this at several points on all sides. Then screw the backrest at right angles to the two lying pallets. This is how you create the basis: a pallet bench.

Step 3. Making bamboo mat to measure

Now choose your bamboo mat on a roll and make it to measure for your pallet bank. We have pallets of 1.20 wide. This means that we used a mat of 1.20 high. We took a budget mat. It was just a bit too long at the bottom. You can solve this by bending back the iron wire. You then easily remove the excess poles and fold the iron wire back tightly.

pallet bench 5

Step 4. Fixing the bamboo mat

Now roll out the bamboo mat nicely over the back rest and seat. You can attach it to the wooden frame of the pallet bench with wire staples. The video shows how we use a gun to shoot the wire staples into the bench.

Step 5. Dress up nicely and then: ENJOY!

Now you can dress up the sofa with nice cushions. Optionally, you can also put a seat cushion on it. However, the bamboo is already much nicer than a normal pallet bank, so this is certainly not necessary.

As you have read, it is super easy to make this bench. In addition, it costs very little money and it looks super chic! Did you also make a bamboo pallet bench? Show us your results on social media and join us at our photo contest!

pallet bank 9 edited
DIY - Making your own bamboo pallet bench 9
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