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19 / 08 / 2021


Making your own bamboo ladder

Is your bathroom boring and you don't know how to spice it up? Or maybe you have a corner in your bedroom you just don't know what to do with? Do you have things you want to give a place, but are not allowed to hammer anything into the wall? Maybe this bamboo ladder is something for you!

A decorative ladder is not only useful, it's also great fun! It looks cool, and what could be better than a piece of furniture you made yourself? This DIY is a little bit more complicated than our normal DIY's. This is because there are some complicated knotting techniques used. You can see the knotting techniques in the PDF in the left menu. Read more about bamboo knots In this blog.


- 2x Java ø 7-10cm 200cm

- 10x Nigra ø 2cm 100cm

- 1x Bamboo Black Renovator

- 1x Bamboo saw

- 2x Black Palm Rope 3 mm x 25 m

- 1x Disposable brush

step 1 edited 2

Step 1. Saw to size

Saw all parts to size. For the planks of the ladder, use two 50 cm pieces and two 40 cm pieces. We made one from five planks. Then you end up with 10 pieces of 50cm and 10 pieces of 40cm.

We have cut the two java poles to 180cm. This is based on preference. You can check how high your ceiling is and how you want to place it based on that. Keep in mind that the ladder will be somewhat at right angles to the wall and therefore not actually as high as the poles are long.

Step 2. Knotting steps

Now it is time to tie the steps together. For each step, use two 50-centimetre pieces and two 40-centimetre pieces. You knot these together with the longest parts in the middle. The 'hole' between the two 50-centimetre poles is where the posts will be.

Fasten the poles together with the palm rope at both ends by using a weaving knot technique. This involves going back and forth between the poles, weaving from top to bottom. Repeat for all five planks.

make steps4
DIY - Making your own bamboo ladder 21

Step 3. Treat

When making a black decorative ladder, there is no bamboo species that is suitable for both parts. The nigra is not so thick for the posts and the java is not so thin for the planks. Therefore, we use a combination of the two. However, there is one problem with this: there is a colour difference between both bamboo species (blog colour difference). Therefore, we have chosen to use the renovator to bring both bamboos a little closer together. The renovator gives not only gloss but also light pigment to the bamboo. It is important that the bamboo is treated with the renovator before installation. Apply the renovator with a brush. Let the bamboo dry well before you continue.

Step 4. Attaching the steps to the posts

Now all the separate parts really become one. We fix the planks at about 30cm distance from each other and from the ends of the poles. When attaching the pole, place it between the two longer poles and tie it back with palm rope. Check the PDF in the right-hand menu for the techniques used.

Now the ladder is finished! Place it at an angle against a wall and decorate it with nice plants and candles. You can also add a good book or some incense.

Did you manage to tie everything correctly? Share your experiences with us on social media!

final result6
DIY - Making your own bamboo ladder 22
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