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20 / 05 / 2021


- Making your own Bamboo Mosquito Net

A mosquito net is the perfect way to really unwind. Give your bedroom a natural look and bring it into a cosy, Asian atmosphere with a bamboo mosquito net. An added benefit? Not only does it look great, but you won't have to deal with annoying mosquitoes anymore. Did you know that you can make such a frame very easily yourself? We tell you how! 

To make the mosquito net frame, you need four bamboo poles. It is best to use the Moso 3-4 cm bamboo cane. These sticks are beautiful because of the beautiful, shiny yellow colour and are also made from the hardest bamboo type in the world. This makes the sticks ideal for building with. You are thus assured of extremely sturdy material and a solid construction. 

Almost ready? 

Before you start building, have all the materials ready. You will need this: 

-      Four bamboo canes of 300cm

-      Manila rope 25 metres

-      Japanese saw

- Four suspension hooks. 

- Decorations, a mosquito net or beautiful ornaments that you want to hang on your mosquito net frame. 

Making the mosquito net frame in four steps 

Step 1: Preparing the bamboo sticks 

To make the frame, it is important that your poles are twenty centimetres longer than your mosquito net. This way you should get two different sizes of poles: you make two of the poles twenty centimetres longer than the length of the cloth, while you make the other two twenty centimetres longer than the width. 

Choose the two longer sticks and cut a circular notch in all four ends. Place these notches ten centimetres from the ends of the sticks. Make the notches deep enough so that the shorter bamboo sticks fit into them widthways. 

Step 2: Mounting the poles 

Lay the two long poles on a flat surface with the notches facing upwards. Then lay the two shorter poles over the notches so that they fall into them. You have now created a square shape with the poles. Use the binding material (manila rope) and fasten the four poles firmly together. 

Step 3: Hanging of the mosquito net frame 

You have now made the complete frame. But... that's not all. The mosquito net frame still has to be mounted on the ceiling. To do this, you attach the suspension hooks to the ceiling. Do you place the hooks directly into a plasterboard ceiling? Then you may need roof anchors. Tie the ends of the binding material to each hook. 

photo hanging
DIY - Making your own Bamboo Mosquito Net 3

Important! Make sure that the binding material is long enough when you cut it. Long enough means that the mosquito net can touch the ground on all sides when it is hung on the frame. 

Lift the frame and knot the tying material to the crossed bamboo poles of the frame. It is important to attach the twine to the lower poles, which are the longer bamboo poles. Make sure that the frame is flat and all the ropes are the same length. This way, the frame will hang straight from the ceiling. Eventually, the frame will hang at a height of about 1.90 metres. 

Step 4:  

Hang your mosquito net over the frame and tie the ends to the frame. Make sure the opening of the mosquito net falls over the side and the foot end of the bed. Are you not lying in bed? Then you can hang the ends of the mosquito net on the corners of the frame, so you can open it. 

Photo blog
DIY - Making your own Bamboo Mosquito Net 4

Bamboo in the bedroom 

This mosquito net will give your bedroom a rustic, romantic and natural look. Do you want to make it complete? Then fill your bedroom with plants, use different materials and colours or hang pretty decorations on your frame. This way, you can turn your bedroom into a complete haven of peace, completely to your taste. Are you on the right track with making bamboo furniture or do you want to make your bedroom complete? Then you can also choose to make a bed from bamboo! 

Photos from @ChantalStolp

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