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21 / 12 / 2021


- Make your own bamboo Christmas tree

Christmas time! For many, this is the time of year. The Christmas spirit brings us all together. Do you already have a Christmas tree? Not everyone has a traditional Christmas tree. This may be due to allergies, but you can also consciously go for something unique. Read this blog if you are looking for a unique Christmas tree. You have a real eye catcher with our bamboo tree. Bring the Christmas spirit in your home with this bamboo tree.

Supplies for trunk and branches:

For the base, you have 3 options:


  • Drill
  • Japanese saw
  •  21 mm drill
  • 10mm or 15mm drill bit
  •  Sandpaper and/or sanding machine 

Step 1. Saw to size

For this tree, the top, smallest branch is about 10cm long and the bottom, longest branch is about 100cm. We will make 28 branches, so a little calculation will show that each branch is about 3,3cm longer than the previous one. So: the shortest branch starts at 10cm, then 13,3cm, 16,6cm, 19,9cm, etc. For aesthetics, it is advisable to saw the bamboo at an angle. This way you will get a nice branching progression.

The trunk should be about 100cm high. Because the bamboo is not always 100% the same, it is recommended to cut the tonkin cane at about 120cm. This way you have a little leeway. You can then always cut off the top if necessary.

Photo 1 1

Step 2. Creating a basis

Now that the branches of our Christmas tree have been made, it is time to make the base. This is where the trunk will stand. There are 3 ways to make this. With each method, the trunk will clamp into the base. If you prefer to really secure it, you can of course always put a screw through at an angle above.

Way 1.

We use a half-round talus pole. Saw this off at about 30 centimetres. Then measure off at about 15cm (halfway). Now it is important to check the diameter of your trunk at the bottom. Because this can sometimes vary, it is important to check. This way you know for sure that you are using the right diameter drill. Our underside had a diameter of 11 mm, so we used the 10 mm drill bit. When drilling into the talus pole, we drilled a little wider. This way, you can clamp the tonkin trunk into the semi-circular pole and your base is in place!

Way 2.

The Moso pole is similar. You cut the pole at 30cm. But a pole doesn't stay put just like that. So with a sander (or by hand with sandpaper) you can sand the bamboo flat on the underside. Be careful not to go on too long, but sand the bamboo precisely so that it can stand flat. Then, as with method 1, make a hole of the right diameter so that you can clamp the trunk in.

Way 3.

Perhaps you have worked with bamboo sheet material in the past and have a piece left over. If you have a piece of plate material that is at least 20 mm thick and about 30x30 cm in size, you can make a base from this. Drill another hole of suitable diameter in the middle of the board. This is where you can clamp the trunk.

Step 3. Setting up the tree

Now it is time to put up your Christmas tree. For this, it is important to drill a hole in the middle of each branch using the 21 mm drill bit. For the finishing touch, it is nice to sand the holes smoothly. Start with your longest branch and slowly work your way up. When you have drilled a branch, you can put it on the trunk. Make sure you put it in the right way: with the slanted side up. Repeat this for each branch until you reach the top.   

Step 4. Finishing

Now you are actually finished, but there are still a few things to do. You can choose to fix the top. Then your branches are really fixed. In principle, this is not necessary because it is a decorative tree, but it is handy if you have small children, for example. The same applies here: by drilling a small screw through the trunk, it is fixed. Please note that you drill the bamboo to prevent tearing.

All done! Now you can choose to hang balls on it, or to put lights in it, for example. Will you let us know what you've made of it via social media?

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